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Saturday, March 19, 2005

CR Veterans for Truth...Disgrace to Vets

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/19/2005

The pro-Hoplin crowd have begun a smear campaign against someone who has the audacity to oppose Hoplin's appointees. The group that (shamefully) calls themselves CR Veterans for Truth are leading the way. As a vet I will say that their version of truth is disgraceful to vets...any vet that follows Hoplin is not a vet that I support. (How about some orginality...stealing the name from the Swifties.)

Eric Hoplin, candidate for Deputy Chair for the MN GOP, has been doing this since his days as MN CR Chair. His demands for compliance and appointing successors in sham "elections" is the cause of the division between College Republicans and the Campus Republicans.

Worse than that is what happened this last election cycle. Eric Hoplin was behind the fundraising scandal (which if it is not criminally tried it should be) where the National CR's (which Hoplin was chair of) lied to elderly people via fundraising letters to gain more money. Then of that money raised it was used to, raise money. I have a strong feeling that beyond the mob-like way of lying about who was collecting the money there is a strong connection between Hoplin and the executives within the printing companies of the literature printed.

My good friend Marty Andrade is endorsing Tony Zammit for MN State CR Chair because the other candidate is backed by King-maker, sheister Hoplin. I on the other hand will continue to take the position that any previous leader of a MN CR group is not worthy of higher office.

What kind of a shithead is Hoplin? Check this link to see the onerous way he used College Republican National Committee funds to attack someone running for CRNC Chair who is calling Hoplin out for his shady practices.


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