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Friday, March 18, 2005

Liberal misses the point each time

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/18/2005

I have to laugh when liberals get so worked up about trying to expose the evils of the right. It causes an inability to loosen up and have fun, oh yeah, and laugh.

Today there was a lefty that gave 3 comments on this here humble blog. Sadly, "truthmissle" missed the point of each of the posts he replied to. After being a student and a worker at the Moscow On The Missippi (Go Gophers) for nearly a decade now I can safely say that liberals missing the point in order to spout talking points is typical.

Exhibit A--Regarding Presidential March Maddness
1) "Frist, Gingrich, etc"--Did he realize that 1/2 of the people he mentioned are not anywhere to be found on the link provided? Seeing things that aren't there...like the "oppressed classes" who see oppression everywhere.

2) "fronts for a plutocracy that has no interest in the continued relevance of the middle class in America."--Let's see, a plutocracy (Government by the wealthy) is not a bad thing. Since there are no barriers to anyone becoming wealthy there is incentive to do well. Senators whose policies are contrary to the interest of the middle class include Sens. Clinton, Gore, Kennedy and Kerry. 3 of them are considered "old" money. I think truthmissile's statement applies to the Democrats.

3) "It's something to think about before signing over eternal allegiance."--Eternal allegiance? Where the hell did that come from. See, the left will make stuff up knowing full well that facts rarely support their arguments.

4) The bracket is for fun. Get a sense of humor, truthmissile. They are great to have.

Exhibit B--ANWR Drilling
"When has the idea of hybrids, biodiesel or alternative fuel sources been considered "a terrible idea" by anyone other than the oil industry that has the most to lose?" Poor thing. He completely missed the point (intentionally methinks to spout talking points that imply a conspiracy regarding oil companies). The point is that Democrats raise taxes (love to do so even) and in the wasteland of a state like California they have conflicting policies. Relying on gas taxes while pushing people into hybrids diminishes the gas taxes that the dummies in CA rely on. Did you take your medication yet today?

Exhibit C--Vietnam Support
1)"Support went DOWN because..." Poor thing...he missed the point again. Those reading comprehension classes are woefully failing in the public schools. ;) The post was about the fact that young people were the biggest supporters of Vietnam.

2)"...our right-wing media..." That is all the proof we need to realize that our friend is lost from reality. It seems that the findings of a very statitically and mathematically sound study, called A Measure of Media Bias from those conservative bastians of Stanford and University of Chicago found that there is a very real liberal bias in MSM.

3)"The Press Officer in the movie "Control Room" recently said that the media campaign out of Iraq in 2003 was run with the same efficiency as a Presidential campaign, i.e. massive deception and outright lies." This is rich. The movie is "a documentary on perception of the United States's [sic] war with Iraq, with an emphasis on Al Jazeera's coverage." Yes, I believe that Al Jazeera's coverage is similar to a Presidential campaign (Kerry's/Soros') laced with massive deception ("I am the anti-war candidate"--John Kerry) and outright lies ("Bush is for the draft"--everyone in the DNC). So let's look at the source...truthmissile cannot nail a point of a story to save his life. truthmissile is a liberal. truthmissile cannot be believed or trusted.

Have a nice day.

Exhibit A1 (re: Gingrich) I stand corrected by truthmissile. Both names are in the pool. I did not vote for that bracket and missed it as I scanned. All of the rest of my comments still stand.


Blogger TRUTHMISSILE said...

1) Frist and Gingrich are on YOUR Presidential March Madness chart. I would go as so far to say that Frist is a front-runner for the 2008 Republican nomination.

2) Nothing wrong with wealthy people holding office, the problem is when you have wealthy people (like Frist) who pass policies that favor ONLY wealthy people (i.e. estate and capital gains tax cuts), while forcing middle class homeowners to make up the deficit with an increase in property taxes. The Founding Fathers favored an enlightened elite to run the country, because they felt they would look out for the rest of the Americans who didn't win the sperm lottery at birth. Unfortunately the current right-wing in America functions as a self-preserving system, keeping the rest of America out.

3) "Eternal allegiance" - maybe you don't have it, but I doubt anything I write will convince you of the folly and propaganda coming out of the modern day Republican political machine. There is no room for dissent in the dogmatic ideology of the current right-wing, which is contrary to true Conservativism.

ANWR drilling - the oil in Alaska is heavy crude, three refineries in America can process the oil once it's extracted, and it will take a minimum of 6 years to get it out. Why not discuss a gradual pull from dependence on oil, towards alternative fuel technology? Why is that not even on the table? Because the Administration is loyal to oil industry profits above the long term safety and security of the nation.

C - Young people may have supported Vietnam in 1965, but what about 1968? What about 1972? Things change when facts are presented to the public. As long as Americans don't see coffins of soldiers on their TV, support for the war remains high.

Have you seen any of these photos on your television? This is war as seen by the soldiers on the ground:

The press is so openly right-wing, it's laughable. A liberal media would have questioned the lies that led us into Iraq. A liberal media would show you the death and carnage of the war. A liberal media would cover what's happening with labor unions. A liberal media wouldn't show the stock market averages every night.

People who work in the news media have as much say over the content as autoworkers on the factory floor over GM have over the type of car they will produce for 2006.

March 18, 2005  
Blogger TRUTHMISSILE said...

Did you even bother to see "Control Room"? The first Al Jazeera's reporter's point was also acknowledged to be true by our own Pentagon Press flack - a war cannot be run without a parallel propaganda campaign. Public support must be maintained, the media must be cajoled and bullied, or the whole thing falls apart.

March 18, 2005  

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