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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Innocent May Live?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/19/2005

First, Here is an update. The tube may be restored in the next day or so.

Second, Chris Kroc is a f***ing moron. He was talking about the issue last night on his show and said that 19 judges in 6 courts can't be wrong. If he did ANY research he would know that most neurologists say that if the courts would allow any neurological tests they would be shown what videos alreayd prove: that Terri is not in any vegitative state. Additionally scores of doctors (far more than Michael "Murderer" Schiavo has spouting his deathly view) simple rehab can help her immensely.

Both sides accused each other of being motivated by greed over a $1 million medical malpractice award from doctors who failed to diagnose the chemical imbalance.

Uh, Michael claims that there is no money left from that settlement AND the family has said they do not want the money.

Michael wants to marry his girlfriend with whom he has two bastard children. So, why not divorce his wife?

I still think that he wants Terri dead and creamated to dispose of the evidence that he caused her condition.

"They are so determined to kill her that they don't want mom or dad to even put an ice chip in her mouth," said Randall Terry, a Schindler family spokesman.


Blogger TRUTHMISSILE said...

While the HOUSE GOP gets their followers worried about Schiavo's tube, they're REALLY trying to turn Social Security over to Wall Street, change Bankruptcy law so Credit Card companies make more money, change the rules so the Insurance Industry makes more money, make sure criminal companies are free from lawsuits, and make sure the richest 1% pay as little taxes as possible by cutting Estate amd Capital gains taxes...but doing nothing about taxes that REALLY impact Americans (i.e. Payroll)...


Where's the Right-Wing OUTRAGE on the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion?
1500+ Soldiers are DEAD in a desert on the other side of the world - they were ALIVE, they SMILED, they ATE food, they had FAMILIES TOO...

UPDATE: From Linda Douglass on ABC News tonight (no transcript available online):

ABC News has obtained talking points circulated among Republican senators explaining why they should vote to intervene in the Schiavo case. Among them: "This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited..." and "This is a great political issue... this is a tough issue for Democrats."

Really pure of heart, aren't they?

March 20, 2005  
Blogger TRUTHMISSILE said...

Wondering what people on the "Right" like yourself make of posts like this? Do you recognize the growing economic inequality hitting this country, which is the true agenda of the elite right-wing that middle class types like yourself continue to support?



""Many Americans have virtually no leeway on their monthly budgets," writes Alexander Cockburn in Counterpunch. "A co-pay on some relatively minor health emergency sends them scrambling to the loanshops. If interest rates start to move upwards many households on flexible mortgage rates will default, and plummet into bankruptcy and debt peonage for the rest of their lives.

"If the current trend among countries such as China, Japan and India to reduce their dollar holdings continues, the dollar's status will plummet, and eventually its role as the world's reserve currency will come to an end. No longer will the Asian nations subsidize America's debt, and in consequence the cost of living for ordinary Americans will start to soar, pushing even more over the edge.

"And as the dollar tumbles, so does one of the keystones of what in the 1950s used to be termed reverently, the American Way of Life, meaning in coarse material terms a civilization that guaranteed its middle class affordable higher education and the decent jobs consequent upon same."

You can kiss that dream goodbye.

Cockburn: "...All through the 1990s enough Democrats and Republicans voted for the free trade pacts and agreements that saw blue collar jobs and now white collar jobs flow south and east. The US Department of Labor reported in March that 373,000 discouraged college graduates dropped out of the labor force in February, a far higher number than the number of new jobs created.

"'So far in the 21st century,' Reagan's former assistant Treasury Secretary (and fierce Bush critic) Paul Craig Roberts writes on this website, 'there is scant sign of the American "new economy." The promised knowledge-based jobs have not appeared. To the contrary, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a net loss of 221,000 jobs in six major engineering job classifications.'

"So it's fair to say this revamp of the bankruptcy laws is as sinister and menacing portent of the shape of things to come as would be the physical construction of a new debtors' prison for the middle classes in every American town to match the prisons for the poor already planted in the outback."

Meanwhile, our elected leaders take turns testifying out much they love baseball, and play tug-a-war with a helpless, hopeless woman's feeding tube."

March 20, 2005  

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