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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Academia Abusing Academic Freedom

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/03/2005

As the left dominates educational positions, as they run moderates and conservatives out of the ranks, as the left prohibits as much as possible any dissenters from their ideology from gaining tenure the left complains that their speech is being "chilled". What more do they want?

They want an absolute monopoly on what thought is allowed (while claiming that dissenters are the 'thought police'). Like Lydia says, "If they disagree with me then they are liars."

What the harms are is a topic for another day. This link gives a good analysis of what the American Association of University Professors are doing about the liberals shunting diverse thought (they act as if it were not true) and what could be done.

This is not just some air bag with opinions on the matter, either. The authors have tons of experience in higher ed.

Hat tip to Marty, my good friend and co-host of Race to the Right. BTW, there may be big news developing for the Race to the Right team over the next few days so keep your eyes open here.


Blogger CmptrBug said...

I guess if we have to round them up and keep them somewhere, keep them at the schools. Let the rest of us work in the real world. Let the students who don't figure it out stay in adademia-land with them. To have overly-liberal faculty is a good weeding out process.

April 04, 2005  

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