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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kelly won't seek DFL endorsement

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/02/2005

There is more to read between the lines here than just Mayor Kelly not looking for the DFL endorsement.

Remember that he does not follow the far-left's demands of absolute submission. He endorsed George W Bush in 2004. The left has detested him for that...because quite honestly, as they prove in classrooms across the nation everyday, you must not think for yourself. You must follow exactly the left's platform or be removed.

I think this story shows that he understands that while he agrees with the Democrats in many ways he is not welcomed by the far left members of the party who run the party.

I hope that he runs for re-election and beats the DFL endorsed candidate twice over. He stands for what he believes against party line demands and I support that.

And before you lefties say that the GOP is the same way I will clearly put that to rest. I am welcomed in my party though I disagree with much of the platform. I am offered opportunities within the party even though I do not carry the ardent pro-life banner. However, I challenged anyone to be pro-life and gain any opportunity within the DFL. I do not believe it possible.

Parade that leftist, Judi Dutcher, who thinks she was run out of the party because of her pro-choice views. She is wrong. I was glad to see her go because her positions even before she won State Auditor were closer to the Green Party than they were to the Republican Party. (That is why I still proudly point out that I did not vote for her in that race in 1998...I voted for her opponent.)

Anyway, watch this story to get a deeper pulse on the leanings of the DFL


Blogger Marty said...

Maybe we shouldn't be giving you so many opportunities in the party...

April 02, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

I predict Mayor Kelly gets replaced by a Republican. The DFL is shooting themselves in the foot.

April 04, 2005  

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