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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

CR vETS Against Blacklisting?

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/26/2005

CR Veterans for Truth claim that they are against blacklisting.
I will not stand for anyone, Davidson supporter or Gourley supporter being blacklisted.

Well, then you should know about Gourley's main string puller supporter, Eric Hoplin.

In the early 90s he was the cause of a split in Minnesota's CR. He wanted to dictate and micromanage every aspect of the CR's activity. A group of the CRs felt that guidance was welcomed but mandates were not...and Hoplin did not want the CRs to focus any resources, time or effort to on-campus items such as the newly forming conservative student groups, student service fees activities and trying to get a conservative ticket elected to the student government.

Those "renegades" have been blacklisted ever since. The people that have been subsequently installed as "Chair" of the U of MN chapter of CR have been equally corrupt, immoral and have actively tried to infiltrate and destroy the split-off group: Campus Republicans. They still have members join the conservative student groups and try to undermine the groups.

Kristen Meyer (former CR Chair on U of MN) held secret nominations to ensure the CR State Board could plant her successor. Once she successfully froze out those who did not follow her dictates from running for Chair and Vice-Chair she went and to the Student Activities Office trying to pose as the Chair for both the College Republicans and the Campus Republicans, tried to close the bank accounts of both and close the registration of the Campus Republicans.

She was part of a long line of Hoplin plants...Gourley is no different. The Blacklist exists in Minnesota and it is from the Hoplin-Gourley crowd.

The question to the CR "vETS" for "truth" (who comment here occassionally as anonymous): If you will not stand for anyone being blacklisted where is your public statement about the blacklisting by Hoplin in Minnesota?


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