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Monday, April 25, 2005

I Was Just On Glenn Beck About Winona

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/25/2005

The Glenn Beck program this morning started talking about the Winona smut-button-wearers and since the nationally popular show is not on Minnesota airwaves I figured that by calling in I would have a good shot at being on.

I was right. But the real point is the conservative viewpoint on this topic is getting national attention.

How influential is Glenn?

Within hours of the story breaking about the school coverup of the sexual assault of a special ed student Glenn aired it. Damage control began. Glenn asked the Mayor of Columbus to come on to talk about the situation. The Mayor confirmed hours before the scheduled interview and then did not answer the phone for the interview. Glenn did a mock interview in place and immediately the Mayor called...hostile. That then ended up on Hannity & Colmes the next night.

He has power...he was behind the push for 5 years for Terri Schiavo which included turning Jeb Bush around as well as most of the Florida Congressional contingent.

Bottom line: the cavalry may be on the way to help us on this.


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