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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Depths the Democrats have sunk to

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/06/2005

I hate to say I told you so...not really, I love to say it.

I wrote previously that the Democrats had no intention of saving the filibuster for truly extraordinary circumstances. I predicted that the Democrats would filibuster the next nominee. Actually, what I wrote was:
Here is what is going to happen. The Democrats will block any conservative that is appointed. I should say, they will filibuster any non-radical liberal that Bush appoints...especially if it is for the Supreme Court.
So then the Drudge Report has this exclusive. Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY) planning 'war' over the Supreme Court nominee to come.
Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuck Schumer got busy plotting away on the cellphone aboard a Washington, DC-New York Amtrak -- plotting Democrat strategy for the upcoming Supreme Court battle.

Schumer promised a fight over whoever the President’s nominee was: “It's not about an individual judge… It's about how it affects the overall makeup of the court.”
So, what about the 'Gang of 14' compromise?
Schumer later went on to mock the “Gang of 14” judicial filibuster deal and said it wasn’t relevant in the Supreme Court debate.

“A Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown style appointment may not have been extraordinary to the appellate court but may be extraordinary to the Supreme Court.”
I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

So I went on to warn in May the next dominos in the process. Call your GOP Senators and tell them to stand strong on the President's nominess, to follow through with the nuclear option against the filibuster, and to get ONLY the conservative nominees confirmed.

Otherwise, as I said before, the following will happen:
Then the GOP Senators will say, "they breeched the agreement, we will change the filibuster rules." Then the Democrats will say, "these were extraordinary circumstances and therefore the deal was still in affect. The Republicans broke the deal." The media, in the pocket of the far left, will report the whole situation that way. The general public (moderates) will follow the pulp that the MSM prints on the issue and the GOP will lose twice: once in the public polls and once in losing their nominees in the long run.
And the stakes are high. We have already lost property rights last week. We have already had the Court entrench freedom FROM religion. All thanks to Democrat nominees. The "freedom" that our country lives on cannot withstand anymore socialist input on the Courts. We need conservatives...and Bush was elected knowing full well that HIS philosophy would be the influence on the courts.


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