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Friday, August 19, 2005

Democrats want higher gas prices

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/19/2005

Democrats have a way of revising history and warping facts. I know that it goes both ways when it comes to interpretations. But the left blatantly lies about facts.

Today's example comes from Mecury News.
"Bush does nothing to combat rising prices," the Democratic National Committee said this week in a new attack seeking to link President Bush, his party, gas prices and oil-company profits in the public mind. "Republicans are in the oil companies' pockets and Bush is in the oil companies' pockets."

Wrong. Bush has tried and people like dumb students (I will broadly paint members of MPIRG and USPIRG as dumb or malicious) and the militant liberals castigate him for "being in bed with the oil companies". The Democrats (Norm Coleman included) stand in the way of drilling in ANWR. The Democrats have blocked allowing new refinery building for decades. Even my mother-in-law lets the truth evade her simply to engage in partisan hatred and deception. She told me yesterday that, "You can thank Bush for these high gas prices." Uh, no. We can thank your hacks, AKA Democrats, for the high gas prices.

At least this news publication offers BOTH SIDES.
The White House responds that no one can turn around gas prices instantly, that Bush fought for years to enact an energy bill and that the new plan, signed into law earlier this month, will take years to produce results. "This is a problem that took decades to develop; it's not going to be solved overnight," Deputy White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said.

Polls suggest that most Americans tend to blame oil companies and foreign oil producers more than Bush or other politicians.

Democrats note that average gasoline prices were 39 percent higher this week than when Bush was sworn into his second term seven months ago and 75 percent higher than when he first took office in January 2001. They complain that the new energy measure "gives billions in tax breaks to oil companies" that already are enjoying record profits. They said Republicans had received $67 million in contributions from the oil and gas industry since 2000.

Yet Democrats received $17 million from the industry during that period, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, and many of them also voted for the energy bill: 75 in the House, 25 in the Senate.

And does it surprise you that the Democrats solution to gas prices are anti-capitalism, anti-business and anti-American economy?
What would the Democrats do to curb prices? They'd investigate the oil companies and their profits, Earnest said. They also would take some of the oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the marketplace in an effort to ease prices.

The Reserve is for WAR TIME and NATIONAL EMERGENCIES. High prices are not a NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
Americans by 2 to 1 think Bush isn't doing an effective job handling energy problems, according to a recent survey for the Associated Press. But when they were asked who they blame for high prices, 52 percent listed oil companies or foreign countries, while 21 percent blamed politicians.
No win situation for Bush. When he does ANYTHING to help oil supplies he gets castigated by all Democrats and liberals and tree-huggers (aka students without thinking abilities). When he takes the slower, deliberative road he gets castigated by the left for not doing enough.

The thing her is that the Democrats do not have their own beliefs or positions. That is why they attack Republicans on any front.

Hey, Dems, get a set of solutions to all the problems you bitch about. You provide no service whatsoever to society by simply bitching. Shut the pie hole or come up with solutions.


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