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Friday, August 19, 2005

The thought process of liberals

--posted by Tony Garcia on 8/19/2005

For those who do not know who lloydletta is I will tell you. She is the blogosphere's version of the National Enquirer (pre-lost lawsuits). All of her blogs have the most horrible method of fact confirmation ever.

If you want fact based news you would be best to consult Dan Rather, the New York Times or the Onion. There is more fact with the Onion than with lloydletta's "nooz".

She calls herself a Republican. Based on what I have heard about and read from her I can only think that she does so because she is a contrarian or antagonist. I have yet to see her answer the question posed by many: What do you agree with the Republicans on?

I have long thought of her as not worth the time to really forward people to nor to mention at all. She is respectful of people while on their blogs (something to be commended) though highly disrespectful on her own of those same people. So I engage her comments around the blogosphere. Though I have long suspected that the brain does not fire well in her head.

As she was trying to get people to call our show to give Sen. Michele Bachmann trouble she kept reporting that Bachmann dropped out of the race. Her basis? Bachmann was not listed on the radio show's website. Talk about making up her own story. Her source? The Race to the Right website.

This is what she claimed proved to her that Bachmann was (1) not going to be interviewed and (2) dropping out of the race.

Once she realized she was wrong (such a realization is rare, though her being wrong is nearly constant) she blamed it on the fact that the website has "a usuability issue". (If the picture is too small there is a frame on the right hand side that lists 'people' with a scroll bar.)

Can anyone please tell me what you would do if you came to this site and wanted to see who is being interviewed when? What if you heard someone specific was going to be interviewed and the picture above only shows 1 1/2 people...what would you do?

I would use the scroll bar. Such a simple answer to a non-issue. I guess lloydletta's treatment of the whole thing just exemplifies the liberal approach to everything.


Blogger lloydletta said...

Tony, I never claimed Bachmann was dropping out of the race. There was a rumor - which is probably untrue - posted on one of the anonymous gop blogs - that said Yecke was planning on dropping out - but that rumor seemed doubtful to me - too early.

I did miss the scrollbar on your list of guests - it wasn't obvious. I issued a correction on that post also.

August 20, 2005  
Blogger CmptrBug said...

Anyone that has used a flash based site knows about scrollbars...???? Tony, your radio website is by far the most advanced site for a radio show that I have seen as far as technological know-how....most radio shows don't have a budget to do a site as nice as that. Even national shows like Dr. Laura only have a simple, cheesy html page probably done in FrontPage.

August 21, 2005  

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