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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

MLB Championship Series 2006

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/11/2005

Well, there are 2 teams in MLB that I hate. If they make it to the playoffs I like to see them lose in heartbreaking fashion. Those teams are the Yankees and the Braves. Both are out. The pleasure this year is that the Braves were four outs away from extending their playoff run at least one more game. Then POW...they blew a 6-1 lead en route to an 18 inning loss and a ticket to go home to watch the rest of the post-season. It was the longest post-season game in history and I watched it. It was great.

The Yankees are also now on the outside looking in.

But this is about the LCS...the League Championship Series.

I have to admit that as a Dodger fan I find it a little difficult to root for the Angels. And as a Twins fan I find it tough to root for the White Sox. I think this will be a good series though the Angles are at a disadvantage. The Angel pitching staff is depleted because of their ace, Bartolo Colon, being injured. Officially he left with an inflamed shoulder last night. He is also nursing a bad back and I do not find any reason to believe he can pitch effectively in this series at all. The bullpen is also worn down thanks to the Yankees and Colon's early exit last night. I think the White Sox will win this series. TradeSports has the White Sox with a 61.8% of winning the AL pennant.

The Cardinals...strong team all around. They are still the World Series favorites. The Astros...somewhat anemic offense benefitting from a cheap-hit-to-home-run park. The Astros had Roger Clemens finish the 18-inning marathon against the Braves because they litterally had noone else to pitch. They are depleted and that gives the Cardinals a slight advantage even with two days between games. I think that the Cardinals are too strong for the Astros. TradeSports line is Cardinals at 64.4%.

I still stand by my prediction for the World Series: The Cardinals.

And finally, the TradeSports odds to win the World Series as of this morning:
Cardinals....34.9% (+6.5% from before Divisional Series)
White Sox....29.0% (+14.0%)
Angels.......19.3% (+12.4%)
Astros.......17.4% (+4.6%)


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