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Monday, October 31, 2005

One last tidbit about Miers and the elitists in the GOP

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/31/2005

(H/T: Alamo Nation)
Another blog that I enjoy tremendously is the Alamo Nation. Through the Miers ordeal he has been on the supporter side but just as in the wrong rhetorically speaking as those on the anti-Miers wagon. The one point he had that made the difference to me is that conservatives and Republicans have been saying for years that the President gets to choose whomever he wishes for the Courts...until the elite (and those who wish they were elite) were not in agreement.

Miers made those elite Republicans and those wannabe elite Republicans start acting like the Democrats by placing acceptability litmus tests to Miers nomination.

In the aftermath of the Miers withdrawal Alamo Nation brings us a very good posting...the meat and potatoes of the angst against the elite and wannabe elite.
I take delight in informing our jackass elite conservative punditocracy that they were, in fact, not speaking for the conservative base. At least according to a recent Gallup poll. I saw this first over at Terrance This Is Stupid Stuff and then later over at the Hedgehog:
Initial Reaction to Miers' Withdrawal

Conservatives Pleased 34% Disappointed 44%
Moderates Pleased 45% Disappointed 33%
Liberals Pleased 55% Disappointed 25%

Republicans Pleased 31% Disappointed 53%
Independents Pleased 39% Disappointed 33%
Democrats Pleased 55% Disappointed 25%
In other words our elite conservative punditocracy was in fact speaking for conservatives - but the minority and not the majority as they presumed to do. In fairness Amercians were overall pleased by the nominee's withdrawl, 42% to 35%. But amongst the conservative base which our elite conservative punditocracy kept telling us they spoke for it was the other way around.

So what are the lessons here for our talking heads? They are not the arbiters of conservative issues that they believe themselves to be nor are they the mouthpiece. They may want to check with the rest of us conservatives (who outnumber them by dozens of millions) before deciding to tell us that they're speaking for us all.
I agree 100%. Ask me what I think (as a conservative) before claiming to represent me (as a conservative). Hannity...go jump in a lake, you blowharded putz. You local bloggers (you know who you are), get off of your self-aggrandizing pedestal. You do NOT represent conservativism...you represent a self-centered, self-important exclusionary political breed which is too similar to the Democrat breed. Pull your head out, open your mind to something outside of your narrow line of thinking.


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