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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Additions to the Candidate Scoreboard

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/29/2005

The scoreboard has been updated. Each of the Congressional races have been added. The Senate and Governor races have been updated and the Attorney General race has been added. Please advise of any changes or corrections.

I thought I would take a moment to give justifications why some of these additions are being started at something other than zero.

Ford Bell, Amy Klobuchar and Patty Wetterling were given the softball treatment by the imps. That means the imps like them and thus the candidates lose 2 pts each. Additionally Wetterling showed us last year how truly uninformed she is, how hard-hard-socialist she is and for that she loses another 2 points. The whole concept from her of wanting to fight terrorism at home instead of abroad warrants another 2 point loss. Klobuchar's record on crime is horrid thus forcing a deduction of 3 points.

Tim Walz I heard on the radio and did the typical, divisive, hate-mongering with Bush-bashing. If he were running against Bush then I would not penalize him since those comments would be relevant. He's not, so his comments prove that he has very little platform beyond "hate Bush". -2.

McCollum has been on the hate-Bush bandwagon for a long time (-2) and has not come up with any solutions (-2). For that she starts in the negative.

I learned about Martin Sabo while I was living in his district...before I got involved in politics. His office NEVER respoded to any phone calls or letters. His votes have been the worst...consistently socialist, not just liberal. I used to refer to him as Congressman Socialist Swine Sabo. It's not fair to refer to him as swine until I meet him so I stopped that. I suppose the "Socialist" term is more of an insult to a freedom loving person, though, than "swine" is. ANYONE would be better than him...including Hilary, Saddam or Wetterling. Hell, the 5-year-old kid down the block would be better. He starts with -99 and ANY opponent, regardless of platform or party, starts with a +99.

I used to live in Steve Kelley's district. I have met him on quite a few occassions as a constituent. Each time he treated me (and I heard from many neighbors the same thing) with disdain. The constituents were beneath him. I never liked his platform and still don't. He is a wannabe elitist and he treats the people poorly...unless they are doing something for him like advancing his career or writing checks to his support structure. That and the hypocrisy that has recently been reported earn Kelley a -10. Mike Hatch's anti-business attitude (-6) and his abusive handling of the Attorney General office (-3) show that he is not the made of the stuff that makes a good executive regardless of his platform. He is in the same boat as Kiffmeyer in that regard. They both would be better off working within their party instead of for the state. Finally, Becky Lourey's association with Moron Mommy Sheehan earns her -6 before anything else. Then I remember that she out-liberaled all of the DFL Gubernatorial hopefuls in 2002...which was very scary. I assume she has the same platform which is antithetical to my own beliefs (-20).

Finally, I believe Entenza is more responsible for the government shutdown than anyone else...and in typical, slimy fashion he refused any responsibility for it. That starts him out at -5. On the other side is Jeff Johnson (not this "Jeff" Johnson)
and unlike when I met Eric Hoplin, my Spidey senses did not go off. (Just for some more reference, my Spidey senses went nuts when I first met one of the 6th GOP candidates and I ignored senses. The Spidey senses have since been proven right.) Though Johnson was on the wrong side of a few internal GOP issue (-2) I like his general message (+1), I think he is highly electable (+3) and I was impressed with him (+2).


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