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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More anti-religion

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/30/2005

(H/T: Right Wing Rocker)

It seems that even voluntary prayer is not allowed in the schools.
Marcus Borden filed a lawsuit Monday in state Superior Court in Middlesex County claiming his constitutional rights are being violated.

He missed the team's Oct. 7 game when he resigned because the board of education decided he could not participate in or even be present at pre-game prayers. He could be charged with insubordination if he resists.

But a week later, he rescinded his resignation and hired a lawyer.

"Our position is team prayer is permitted, which the district admits," lawyer Ronald Riccio told The Star-Ledger of Newark for Tuesday's newspapers. "But they say Coach Borden can't participate, without saying what that means. All we're asking the court to declare (is) he can bow his head and take a knee, not as prayer but as a sign of his respect and collegiality with his players."

School district attorney Martin Pachman said he has not yet received the lawsuit, but added the district has acted properly.
The district acted properly? They are denying Christians the choice to pray. It is a general policy across the school systems because Muslims are allowed to pray in school.


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