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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Possible drop out of the 6th CD race

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/13/2005

I hate reporting on races based on rumors. Something in my Spidey Senses says this one should be reported.

(H/T: Andy posting on KvM)...I'm going with this also because Andy was deep inside the inner circles of the campaigns today.

Before I get to post my analysis of the forum and update my handicapping of the race overall it seems that the race may be down to 3.
The big news that was being rumorred about was a big meeting happening tomorrow. One of the campaigns is supposedly getting their people together.

The candidate that is allegedly going to be dropping out of the race is Rep. Jim Knoblach.

I can’t say I am too surprised some one is dropping out, although I am surprised it may be Knoblach. He is the guy who everyone is scared of because of his wealth. He was the guy who could have funded his campaign on his own.

But he has not been hitting it off with the delegates so far. He has gotten luke warm reactions at best outside of the St. Cloud area. I’ve had many people tell me that he is too moderate. He is more intent at getting things done than getting Republican stuff done. Proof of this was his low rating from the Taxpayer’s League on their 2005 scorecard.

Time will tell if this does pan out, but based on today’s performance, Knoblach does not seem to be the right candidate for the 6th. Especially in a political climate where the fiscal conservative Republicans smell blood in the water and have their backs against a wall in a party that is drifting away from them. If we have the choice between a moderate Republican who can get things done, and 3 people who will get our things done, we’ll choose out of the 3 everytime.

The couple of times that I have talked to Knoblach, I liked him. He is a great guy. He’s been a great Republican, and still will be. I don’t mean to make this sound as if he isn’t a Republican. I think he has done a great job in the Minnesota House. I just think that he was not the right one for this position at this time.

In case this is wrong, I don’t want any one to take this the wrong way. Knoblach would make a great Congressman if he does stay in the race.

He does have a very strong reputation in the St Cloud area. As was said on NARN today, though, was that he has a reputation of being the "lazy campaigner" and was not really able to shake that label. Moreover he did not seem as well received at the Mermaid by the non-St Cloud crowd. However, the reverse would be true of Bachmann & Krinkie in a similar event held in St Cloud. How do you get past that? As Esmay said on NARN when asked about his lack of name recognition, "hard work" will solve that.

We'll see.

********** UPDATE **********
Rep. Knoblach has stated in no uncertain terms that he is NOT dropping out of the race.

Dammit...I hate rumors.


Blogger AAARF said...

Rep. Knoblach commented on the post today, and he is NOT! dropping out.

I hate rumors too!

November 13, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

I stand corrected.

November 13, 2005  

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