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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Japan calls China 'considerable threat'

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/22/2005

I told you so. China is the next enemy, after all the terrorist nations in the Middle East.

Here is what Japan says.
Japan's foreign minister has said China is becoming a "considerable threat" because of its increased military spending and nuclear weapons, in comments that have sparked a fresh row between the neighbors. China is "a neighboring country with one billion people and nuclear bombs whose military spending has been growing by two digits every year for 17 consecutive years," Foreign Minister Taro Aso told reporters.

"And the content of that is extremely unclear. If I say what this means, I recognize that it is becoming a considerable threat," he said.

Aso, an outspoken hawk appointed in late October, made the comment when asked about the recent remark by Seiji Maehara, the conservative head of the main opposition Democratic Party, that China is a "realistic threat".

"As Mr Maehara put it, it is true that (China) is stirring up a threat and worries," he said.
And China, of course, is upset.
China reacted angrily, saying its economic might was benefiting Japan.

"As a foreign minister, to so irresponsibly incite such groundless rhetoric about a China threat, what is the purpose?" foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said at a regular briefing.
Let me stop to answer that. The purpose is to come out and call a spade a spade, or in this case call a communist country a considerable threat.
Aso's remarks came just after the release of a new Chinese government paper reiterating that Beijing intends to become a peaceful world power.

Relations have been badly strained of late, with Beijing angry over Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visits to a Tokyo shrine that commemorates war criminals among the war dead.
If you want my opinion China is just getting ticked because they are being shown for what they really are...the threat on the horizon.

We must not make the same mistake that has been made historically. While fighting the Axis we really did not keep a strong enough arm around the Soviet Union...our next enemy. While fighting the Cold War against the Soviets we ignored terrorist nations and treated them as mere criminals instead of the evil thugs that they have always been. While we are eradicating the world of the evil that is "radical" Muslims we must keep one eye on China. Our nukes should be pointed over there as we speak.

Mark my words. And that war will cost a whole lot more blood than a mere 2000+. You liberals better start warming up to that fact.


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