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Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Hanaramakwanzmas

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/19/2005

From the Glenn Beck show's carol sung to the tune of Holly Jolly Christmas.

Have a Ramahanakwanzmas
It's the PC time of year
Every holiday displayed because of morbid fear

Happy Ramahanakwanzmas
Yeah we know the name is queer
Oh, good golly, can't offend nobody on [bleep]-mas this year

Oh no, the Eskimos need a holiday
We'll get right back to you when we pick up one for gays

Happy Ramahanakwanzmas
What a time for winter cheer
But if you see a Christmas tree you'll hear Christmas jeers

Screw you ACLU for winning the 12
Million in your lawsuit versus Santa and his elves

Have a Ramahanakwanzmas
And everyone must now adhere
So by golly don't hang up that holly on [bleep]-mas this year.


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