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Friday, December 16, 2005

8 ft Lego Star Wars ship

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/16/2005

(H/T: Mr Sci Fi)

Holy Crap.
This is the auction for an 8-ft LEGO STAR WARS REBEL ATTACK CRUISER.
Current bid: US $24,006.99
Time left: 8 days 3 hours
10-day listing, Ends Dec-24-05 12:44:33 PST
That is as of 11:42 Central on 12/16/05.

Too cool, but too expensive for me. Talk about an interesting Christmas gift!!


Blogger Douglas said...

This looks like a major job opportunity!

December 16, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

I have long coveted one of Lego's master builder jobs but I am too cheap to buy any of their sets to practice with.

December 17, 2005  

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