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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lions Fans Have My Support

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/15/2005

A recent addition to the blog roll here is The Sports Pulse who has a great posting about the poor Detroit Lions fans.
Fans turning against their own team have taken a new creative level.

Two weeks ago it a fan had a “Fire Millen” sign. He decided to elude security by running around the stadium. Finally he was tackled. That got the fans even more upset. So for the last home game of the season they’re going to do one final thing to show how disgusted they are with the Matt Millen and the Ford family for not firing his butt.

The website “The Lions Fanatics” have organized a peaceful protest to end the Millen era. You know the era that has a record of 20 wins and 56 losses, 24 consecutive road losses, Charles Rogers, and Joey Harrington to name a few things. He’s clearly a main reason they’re so wretched. So they are calling the protest an “Orange Out”. They are urging any fans attending the game to wear any orange color shirt. If fans don’t have one they can go purchase a bright orange hunting shirt for cheap. The purpose is to show William Clay Ford that Lions fans are tired of seeing Matt Millen drive their team into the ground. So it will look as though the stands are filled with Bengal fans.

There is also an “Angry Man March” protest against Matt Millen being set up by Sean Baligian of WDFN. It’s to be held before the Lions game. They’re encouraging fans to create signs and make up chants. Don’t be fooled by the name. They want it to be a peaceful protest. No obscenities in the chants or on the signs. Doesn’t that take out a lot of the fun? Matt Millen doesn't deserve PG rated about now. They’ve also bought billboard space to give Millen the finger. The billboard shown above was the winner in a contest held by the same radio station. That billboard will be displayed starting Saturday, December 17th.

If I were a Lions fan I’d be tired of that garbage they put out there every Sunday. I bet even Millen is terrible at organizing his sock drawer. I’m hoping to see a sea of orange and hearing “Who Dey” chants for the Lions last home game.
The best ending would be for Chad Johnson to score a touchdown in that game, grab a "Fire Millen"; sign and walk around the endzone with it. The place would erupt.
Click on this link to see the winning billboard. Goooo Lions Fans.


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