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Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie will die

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/12/2005

Stanley Tookie Williams will have his sentence carried out tonight after midnight.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to spare the life of Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the murderous Crips gang who awaited execution early Tuesday in a case that stirred debate over capital punishment and the possibility of redemption on death row.

Williams, 51, is set to die by injection at San Quentin State Prison after midnight for murdering four people in two 1979 holdups.

Hollywood stars and death penalty opponents mounted a campaign to save his life, making him one of the nation's biggest death-row cause celebres in decades. His supporters argued that the founder of the murderous Crips gang had made amends during more than two decades in prison by writing a memoir and children's books about the dangers of gangs.
Is that the threshold for 'redemption' the Left really wants.

Redemption for murder = Write a memoir and children's books
Redemption for rape = Publish a diary
Redemption for child molestation = Sing pop songs

Keep in mind that Tookie still denies committing the murders.
In his last-ditch appeal, Williams claimed that he should have been allowed to argue at his trial that someone else killed one of the four victims, and that shoddy forensics connected him to the other killings.

Williams was convicted of killing Yen-I Yang, 76, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, 63, and Yu-Chin Yang Lin, 43, at a Los Angeles motel the family owned, and Albert Owens, 26, a 7-Eleven clerk gunned down in Whittier.
Would those "shoddy forensics" include the video of Tookie taking a Owens into the back room, where at shotgun point Owens got down on the floor...in the same location Owens was shot after the security camera was shot out BY A SHOTGUN?

Regardless...he's not reformed, he's been sentenced and his sentence should be carried out.


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