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Monday, December 12, 2005

Right wing challenge to Pawlenty rumored

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/12/2005

(H/T almost to Andy of Residual Forces)

It sounds like there will be competition from the Right of Governor Tim Pawlenty.
I’ve just caught wind that a person will be running for Governor as an independent from the right.

I cannot say who, but I can assure you that this person is on the right side of the political spectrum. The person is very upset with Pawlenty’s recent policy decisions, and has decided to challenge him for his job.
I have not been happy with Pawlenty's governance recently and less thrilled with the treatment from the GOP loyalists who think that Pawlenty should be supported and showered with laurels simply because he had ONE good year.
Hey, everyone. The person is running as an Independent. Not in a Republican endorsing battle. This is a general election foe. Another name on the ballot. I have already heard some of the campaign message a few months back, and it will be even less flattering to Pawlenty than anything the DFL could come up with. Every vote drawn from Pawlenty might just as well be for a DFLer. Which may be this person’s plan, as they have not yet gotten over the last legislative session. This person has no interest in winning. They want blood.

As soon as I can release the name, I will.
I will take this chance to bring home two different but related points.

First, the importance of keeping as wide of a tent as possible. As a party member many people give the party's endorsed candidate their vote unless the candidate proves unworthy. As an independent voter the non-party member makes every candidate earn the vote. Myself as an example, I have been wondering about my own position within the party. As a member of the party I would likely vote for Pawlenty if he is the endorsed candidate and is not highly antithetical to my own positions. If I do leave the party then this rumored challenger likely will get my vote.

Now on to the challenger. If this rumor holds out I would say that I really would prefer this unnamed person to run a serious and hard campaign against Pawlenty. For the sake of the party winning that would be the best alternative...and Pawlenty definietly needs that shot of "we conservatives are pissed at you". Perhaps a replacement at the primary level would be the best thing for the conservatives.

As of right now the ONLY reason I would vote for Pawlenty is because I am in the party. He has not over the past 2 years earned my vote. He shown me that he is more capable of being a tool of the moderate left than the conservative he told us he was at the primaries in 2002.

I guess...in the end I would like to see Pawlenty replaced in 2006 by a conservative that can hold to his principles.

********** UPDATE **********
Welcome to the Power Liberal readers. Hopefully you will get the message out of this posting that obviously went over the head of "Smartie".


Blogger R-Five said...

President Bush got the message after the Miers nomination fiasco and low poll ratings set in. Somehow, I don't think Governor Pawlenty will under similar circumstances. And what the party needs to understand is that there are a number of voters like me who are already done with him and his many flip-flops. Whoever Mr. or Ms. X is, I'll listen.

December 12, 2005  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

I've been thinking about this all night (well, not all night but here and there during the evening).

My vote, as a party member, is the endorsed candidates to lose. I think he has lost my vote.

After his first year I would have volunteered for his campaign. After his second year I would have only voted for him. After this past year I feel he does not represent me much better than any of the other candidates up there.

What Pawlenty does in this coming session will determine if I hold my nose and vote for him or if I vote for anyone but him.

I know, I am but one vote, but in a state where any GOP candidate, according to Pawlenty, starts 4% behind that one vote is important. Did I mention the campaigning I would do for whomever I support? That counts for a couple more votes too.

December 13, 2005  

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