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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

KSTP lineup in January 2006

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/14/2005

(H/T: Andy)

KSTP will be going from THE Talk Station to AM talk radio starting with their new (crappy) lineup.
Mid-4a.. Coast-To-Coast AM (live)
4a-5:30a.. Wall Street Journal — This Morning (live)
5:30a-9a.. Willie Clark (live)
9a-11:50a.. Bob Davis (live)
11:50a-12:05p.. Paul Harvey News & Comment
Noon-2p.. Ron Rosenbaum & Mark O’Connell (live)
2p-5:30p.. Joe Soucheray (live)
5:30p-7:30p.. Tommy Mischke (live)
7:30p-10p.. Chris Krok (live)
10p-Mid.. Hannity
Mischke in PM drive? Good luck with that. Krok extended by 1/2 hour...definitely went the wrong direction. Should be shortening him TO 1/2 hour. Hannity late night? Serves the same purpose as being tape delayed by any amount of time. Rosenbaum & O'Connell? Instead of getting the dead space between morning drive and Rush's time they are now moving to Rush's spot. Good for them. Too bad they suck.

I like Bob's show. I have to admit that it was much better when it was at night. Being on for 4 hours I'm sure is exhausting and that may have taken away some of the quality. But no matter how good Bob's show is I will have to move all of my dials away from KSTP.

Adieu KSTP.


Blogger George Berryman said...

Had to stop listening to Coast to Coast AM myself. It used to be entertaining listening to the parade of weirdos that'd go on there but since Art Bell stepped down to the weekends that freak George Nouri's turned it into a nightly Bush Bashing festival.

December 14, 2005  
Blogger R-Five said...

This is an atypical situation. Usually, a station or paper says something outrageous and a few people quit them. Here, KSTP is simply thinning the soup. Many people will drop off simply due to boredom, or as I blogged, due to a lack of national coverage.

December 16, 2005  

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