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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Week 15 Reggie Bush Sweepstakes

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/18/2005

The race for #1 got very interesting today. Houston won. San Francisco lost. This makes the Houston vs San Francisco in the final week more pivotable. At this point it seems that the loser of that game will get the #1 pick.

But don't count out Green Bay, New Orleans or the Jets since they are all have 3 wins at this point. If Houston and San Francisco each win another game AND any of these teams loses out they can be entered into the mix.

The current race for Reggie Bush standings are as follows?

#1...Houston (2-12) (Strength of Schedule=.546)
#2...San Francisco (2-12) (SoS=.587)
#3T..Green Bay (3-11) (SoS=.510)
#4T..New York Jets (3-11) (SoS=.531)
#5T..New Orleans (3-11) (SoS=.531)

********** UPDATE **********
After the Monday night game Green Bay's Strength of Schedule actually dropped enough to move them to the #3 pick.

These will be updated after the Monday Night Game between Baltimore and Green Bay. The game will obviously have an impact on the standings here and on the Strength of Schedule.


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