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Thursday, December 22, 2005

They are unhappy and I am happy for it

--posted by Tony Garcia on 12/22/2005

When I saw this story it made my Christmas season even better.
What Christmas cheer? Capitol Hill may be decked out with festive lights and an impressive tree. But under the big dome, a sour mood has settled over a Senate stuck in session with nothing but legislative stalemates standing between lawmakers and their holiday recess.

"Merry Fristmas," congressional aides muttered as they passed each other in the chilly hallways, taking a sullen dig at Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

For his part, Frist blamed the Democrats and their "childish antics" for the delay - three times in one press conference. For a while Wednesday, his spokesman sported a tie bearing an image of The Grinch (who stole Christmas).

Weighty policy matters hang in limbo on the eve of a midterm election year. A spending bill containing money for the military and Gulf Coast hurricane recovery also now includes a provision to allow Arctic oil drilling - a recent addition by Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, that has infuriated senators of both parties. The move would force lawmakers to vote for the package or be accused of withholding support for U.S. troops and storm victims.
You guys are blaming the wrong person. Well sort of. There are 100 people equally responsible for the blame. That is, all 100 Senators are to blame for their minisule amount of misery. If they would stop their grandstanding, stop their whining, stop their games and actually do their jobs they might actually be finished. Since they have been playing games they should not be whining about the games that are delaying them.

You know, half of their problem is the filibuster. Again, sort of. Someone SAYS they are considering a filibuster and everything stops. You know how to end that? Make them get up and actually filibuster...keep on talking and the moment you stop the filibuster is done. That would end some of these threats of delaying votes. They might actually finish their work.

Oh, and if you are really that upset about being there in the Senate then resign.


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