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Friday, January 06, 2006

TradeSports new Drive Calculator

--posted by Tony Garcia on 1/06/2006

I just got this e-mail from the Communications Department of TradeSports.

TradeSports is happy to unveil - "The Drive Calculator"

This program will calculate the probability of a touchdown, field goal, turn over or punt on any play ... on any field position .. on any down situation during any NFL game!

We will unveil the Drive Calculator this Saturday January 7th during the 4:30 EST Redskins Bucs game - attendance is free.

We will provide an audio bridge so that you can speak to the developers of the Drive Calculator and see it in operation.

Just paste this link into your web browser


and dial this number:

1-888-765-3651 conference ID 3760682#

The audio portion of this presentation will begin at 4:15 EST. The drive calculator will be live and available to you for the complete game.
Sounds interesting.


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