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Sunday, February 19, 2006

A new plank to my platform

--posted by Tony Garcia on 2/19/2006

I was going through some tapes of our older shows and came across an idea that I would love to see happen.

I hate campaign promises that are not followed through on. I hate politicians that regularly say one thing when they get home and do another when they end up in St Paul or Washington.

How can that be fixed? I think it would be great if politicians created bills that are actually about the promises of the other members. When each session starts all of elected officials would face bills that encapsulated their campaign words.

Think about the effects...almost all of them would be good. In fact I cannot think of any bad side effects.

First, Campaign promises will be made more carefully. Why? For the obvious reason that the politicians will have to face their promises immediately in the next session. If the plan was a good one then the allies will bring the bill forward and if it is something unpopular the opponents will do it.

Second, Because OTHER people will put the politicians promises/plans into writing for their own gain the proposals will be ushered forward quickly. No longer will politicians be able to get away with promising a reform, not doing anything with it, promising reform again 2 years later and 2 years later and so on. How long have politicians been promising welfare reform and tax reform and...how long will it be before they actually try to do it?

Third, Politicians who make comments like "bring the troops home now" or candidates who say they would "rather fight the war on terror here at home than abroad" will be able to put their votes where their mouths are. Wild assertions and claims and insane or irresponsible proposals will diminish or the candidates will be made the folly they deserve to be made into when they are forced to vote against thier own words.

No, it is not trying to silence debate. It is trying to make people accountable for what they say...more responsible for their words. THAT is better for debate and discussion.

So, please, can we get some politicians to start holding each other accountable?


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