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Sunday, March 19, 2006

6th CD Update--Bachmann and Knoblach

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/19/2006

Bachmann...not enough character to represent DECENT Republicans
A bird told me that Michele Bachmann scored big at the SD 52 BPOU yesterday. Somehow, through a voting block that controlled the majority of the delegates at the convention, Bachmann supporters were able to change the rules of the convention at will to satisfy their own whims. It seems one thing that the Bachmann bloc wanted to do was move the election of delegates early in the agenda so they could all leave afterwards. Their only desire was to be delegates at the 6th Congressional District.

They were told what slate of delegates to vote for so that all of the slate would be ensured election as delegates. This slate, according to the source, were all friends and fellow church goers of Michele Bachmann.

OK, yes, this is how the system works. I should say, yes, the system allows this. But is this REALLY the mentality we want to send to Washington?

What does it matter if the delegate elections in SD 52 were fixed? Well, first of all each of them were first time delegates and effectively shut out the hard working grassroots part of the district. Such wanton disregard for grassroots is not an anomoly in character...it is indicative of her character.

This little coup of SD 52 also caused the State Representative of 52B to be shut out from being a delegate as well.

If someone is willing to turn their backs on the grassroots for the sake of their own personal gain what is there that demonstrates they won't engage in less ethical means. After all, this is a perfect example of the ends justify the means, win at all costs, and principles/morals taking a back seat to winning. I will not support this candidate. (- 5) This woman is not capable of representing any person with a sense of right-vs-wrong and MUST be defeated.

Bachmann too weakend to hold commitments
It seems that Michele Bachmann discovered at 7:30 PM Saturday night that she needs to rest from her surgery three weeks ago and was unable to hold to her commitments. I have talked to many people in the medical community who confirmed that "rest" after three weeks is indicative of either someone who is using their condition as an excuse (or for sympathy) OR someone whose health is very poor.

To give extra weight to this, my wife's boss had the same surgery. He was the same age, a bit out of shape in comparison and was back to full strength in less than a week. His job, more stressful and more hours than Bachmann's without question.

Knoblach cannot handle his calendar
Knoblach AGAIN was unable to hold to his commitments. He no-shows after promising to be somewhere more often than he actually shows up. He was scheduled to be in a debate today and, well, failed to show up, call or otherwise contact anyone. In a half-assed effort he called after the event was over and blamed his incompetence on "being busy yesterday" and claims that being in session also makes it somehow permissible to fail to hold to his commitments. For the record, Knoblach should NOT have been allowed on the air today. A lapse in my judgement allowed him because we were under the impression that he simply wanted to apologize. He did not. In typical-politician slimeball fashion he got on the air and proceeded to act as if his obligations were being met. He did not deserve to be on our air today and thus his appearance will not be made available on the podcasts. Sorry, Jim. Three weeks ago my opinion of you as a decent politician nose-dived. Today my opinion of you as a human being followed suit. You proved your colors. You are a typical politician whose decency is only measured by political gain.

My question to the 6th District is: If Jim Knoblach is unable to handle his schedule now what makes us think he will be able to maintain ANY commitments to the little people if he wins in November?

I think we might treat Knoblach the way he has treated us. We will call him for interviews and then at the last minute and without any warning decide we will not be interviewing him after all.

Incompetence is stronger from Knoblach than his experience as a politican could make up for...and the facade of masquerading as a conservative (his moderate positions are not moderate, they simply make him "electable") should be called on as well. Unlike Bachmann, Knoblach is not necessarily ethically challenged. I just am starting to see the blue blood that I have heard many other delegates talk about over the previous years.

He cannot handle his obligations and commitments. I do not find him competent enough to be in touch with constituents as a Congressman. To me, this makes him a less attractive candidate (- 2)...a fact that I will be certain to explain in detail at my BPOU convention.


Blogger lloydletta said...

Tony, did you hear about the sign vandalism at the 52nd District convention?

March 19, 2006  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

No I did not...do tell.

March 20, 2006  

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