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Saturday, April 08, 2006

6th District sham

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/08/2006

Today was the convention in my BPOU. What a sham. I find it very interesting that my BPOU was able to send 40 delegates. Of those 40 nearly all (based on preliminary counts...I left before the final tally was ready) were on Bachmann's slate. (You really mean to tell me that 38 of 40 is representative of the GOP? You are a moron if you think so.) Of those 40 delegates I believe it was 25 were first time delegate. Congratulations...I have never heard of a majority of first timers being delegates while so many hard working grassroots veterans were left out.

The other odd fact is that 112 people signed up to be a delegate for the 6th Convention. 52 signed up to be a delegate at the state convention. Again, the process is being used to abuse the system.

I have been very hard on Bachmann lately. The heat gets turned up for her cowardace. Let's be honest. She has done some very misleading things in her literature. What really burned me today was actually witnessing first hand her willingness to blatantly lie about facts to a person's face. (That is coming in a future post.)

Things are worse than I even thought. The tone within the convention was different from I have witnessed before. The rudeness of the blue-shirt brigade of Bachmann's was incredible. If you did not have a Bachmann sticker or shirt many (not all) would refuse to even talk to you. I had one person see me grab a Krinkie sticker and an Esmay hat as they were handing out a Bachmann sticker. As I went to grab that (I actually pick up every piece of literature at the conventions) they pulled it away and turned their back. Small talk to anyone is the norm...except today. You had to be wearing a Bachmann sticker or you would be treated like a leper by the Bachmann crowd.

This kind of campaign has the audacity to attempt to invoke Reagan's (deeply flawed and abused) 11th Commandment. I find that offensive to all that is Right.

I am not talking about the treatment of me. After the shouting match with Bachmann's husband and myself I expected the Bachmann folks to heighten the cold shoulder to me. I am talking about what I observed throughout the convention. I was focused often on observing everything around me like that to the point where Dorothy (a Bachmann campaign worker whom I like as a person) thought I was being meloncholy. (I had to explain I'm observing as much as possible and then we launched into a discussion about the expansion of gambling.)

The convention today was overtaken by Bachmann's Borg. They honestly did not operate with any individuality...they were all like a hive following orders and protecting the queen. But more than that this convention proved to me that there is danger in the party for a least the next 2 years...exactly what I talked about before is going to happen. Think about this. Once the election of the delegates was completed and with the resolutions only about 10% completed 2/3 of the convention left. THOSE were the people elected as delegates. They obviously care about one thing: Queen Borg Bachmann. They could not give a drop of piss for the party and its business. THESE are now the people that, as mostly first timers, have to run the show for the next 2 years.

Congratulations, Michele, you have done more damage to the 6th CD GOP than even the most malicious Democrats could have dreamed of.

I was so disgusted by the abuse of the whole process by the time my turn to speak came up (and disgusted with the character of Michele after her directly lying to me earlier...more on that in a coming post) that I decided to use my 30-seconds to pull the cover from the roaches of the convention. The great part was that Michele walked into the auditorium just in time to hear it.

It went something like this:
I am about to say something blunt. It will be hard for you to accept, but it is honest and must be said.

I thought we were a party of individually thinking people. Only lemmings and sheep need slates to follow. The intellecutally able people should do this with these slates [ripped up a copy of the 3 slates].

The 11th Commandment is for all Republicans, but only the immoral ones try to invoke it.

I stand to be a delegate again so I can support a candidate that fights for Right vs. Wrong, not just their own career. I cannot support an unethical candidate and that is why I will support Jim Knoblach, Jay Esmay or Phil Krinkie.

What is my candidate number? It does not matter. I'm not on your little list so your orders won't allow you to vote for me."
In a discussion I was having with other people on the floor someone made the comment that we must stand behind any of the candidates after the endorsement. I said that if you are a moral person you cannot stand behind an immoral candidate.

"But otherwise the Democrats will win the majority of Congress."
"Then you better make damn certain that the GOP does not field an immoral candidate."

Since the endorsement process has been abused I believe it to be a fraud. It will not be representative of the GOP's makeup. I hereby announce that ANY candidate that runs against Bachmann in a primary will get my support and hard work.


Blogger The Lady Logician said...

"Of those 40 delegates I believe it was 25 were first time delegate. Congratulations...I have never heard of a majority of first timers being delegates while so many hard working grassroots veterans were left out."

Tony - why is it a bad thing that you had so many first timers? Our SD had it's convention last weekend and we were ENCOURAGING first timers to sign up to go on! It is (IMHO) a grand way to get them hooked for life on the process.

Or is it you are just bitter that the convention didn't come out the way you felt it should?

April 10, 2006  
Blogger Tony said...

I was bitter about about the tone of those first timers.

Hmm, they are involved enough to become delegates at one convention but not another. Strange.

Hmm, they participated in only the election of delegates to the 6th CD. Strange.

Hmm, they were (I witnessed and experienced this) rude, mean and otherwise unsociable to those who were not wearing Bachmann shirts or stickers. Strange.

Do you think they give a damn about the work of the executive committee? I don't. Do you think they will be around AFTER the endorsement of Bachmann? I don't.

But since it is not my party anymore I don't care.

April 10, 2006  

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