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Monday, April 10, 2006

Kennedy personally invited acts annoyed

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/10/2006

Why do I desest politicians? Because of how they act face-to-face. Just be honest. I posted this weekend about Bachmann's inability to stay acquainted with honesty.

Also this weekend was an example of Mark Kennedy's ability to be, well, a typical politician.

I have been critical of Kennedy for his dismissal of other candidates within the current race (the race for the GOP endorsement). I wish he would show character and take a page from Reagan's book by embracing the other candidates in the race. Perhaps he should have stayed in Anoka for the whole convention. (Imagine that...actually being with the regular people for more than just self-aggrandizing. I hate typical politicians.) He then could have witnessed how a shoe-in candidate had to admit a political truth. Smaller candidates sharpen your own saw, keep you in touch with your base and demonstrate respect for the whole process.

This past Saturday my criticism took a more personal level. I personally informed the Congressman of the long-standing invitation. He looked at me and said he had no idea of the event. He said I should contace (so-and-so), which I did in the past. I told him that as well and explained quickly the run-around from the campaign staffer he spoke of. "Hmm, well, I will look into that." "Does that mean you will be there?" "I'll look into it."

"Yes" or "No" would have been what a normal person would have said. Not a typical forked-tongued poltician. Sadly, I now have to put Mark Kennedy in that class. There is also no reason to believe that he did "look into that" and no effort to be upfront about the situation: "We feel it is unnecessary to acknowledge any other candidate because we feel we can take our base for granted in this election." I would have appreciated the honesty instead of the proof that typical politicians (Mark Kennedy included) do not answer questions...they are above answering questions they do not like. Proof again that typical politicians have a win-at-all-cost approach rather than a win-on-principle approach.

As we have been moving we have the opportunity to throw out a lot of stuff that we will not be needing anymore. At the conventions I typically ask for one of the lawn signs for future use. I have to say that I have, after this past weekend's events, tossed out the Mark Kennedy for Senate and Michele Bachmann for Congress signs. If a person can be deceitful to my face their signs have no place on my lawn.

Since the exchange between myself & Kennedy was offensive to me as a delegate and an individual (the deceitful responses...avoiding any answers) I feel it is necessary to deduct points on a larger scale. This is not based on what he believes (his platform) or what will do if he wins the election (his campaign promises) but on an actual action that I physically witnessed. That is more impacting. - 4 points...while it was not a direct lie I believe that there was no intetion to LIE but to obfuscate the truth a bit...a practice that typical politician's have down to perfection. The intent was deception, to be certain, but he was very crafty in making certain that the actual words could not be used to say he lied.

Did I mention I hate typical, professional politicians?


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