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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tip about AFSCME and Illegal Aliens

--posted by Tony Garcia on 4/30/2006

I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. He went to an informational meeting organized by the public employee union, AFSCME. This was about the Pro-Illegal Alien rallies to be held on the Socialist/Communist Day of Celebration (May 1st). I think it gives a ton of insight into the broken administration of that union.
Meeting held by Brad Sigal - Treasurer for the Chapter

I thought the title "National Day Without Immigrants" was kinda weird, with the assumption that "immigrants" means illegal aliens, like they've been using in all their literature. Couldn't that title be used by either side, depending on the way you're looking at it? On the other side of the fence, it would be viewed as what those people are striving for, a country without illegal aliens.

The bill trying to be passed would make immigrants (that's AFSMCE lingo, I'm calling them illegal aliens from here out) felons, since they're breaking the law. Would they get departed or jailed?

Anyone found harboring or helping out an illegal alien would be charged with Human Trafficking, and I'm guessing that this is a felony too.

-First demonstration for this cause was Chicago, where 100,000-200,000 illegals took the day off, about 5,000 were expected.
-Shortly thereafter there was a 1 million rally where illegals took the day off, this time in LA.
-4/8, 4/9, & 4/10 had rallies all across the country, these times for illegals and supporters to take the day off in show of support.
-4/9 St. Paul had somewhere between 30,000-40,000 people rally.

This rally and support through various organizations is to help support "worker's rights" for the illegals. Isn't that an ironic statement? Worker's RIGHTS for an illegal. That's like someone not related to me and who didn't know me having somone fight for their right to my estate once I'm dead; it's something they don't deserve because of who they are.

DREAM ACT - equal opportunity in education for illegals? An illegal alien would pay in-state tuition wherever they are, gaining a better deal than a student who is from out-of-state and isn't in a situation where reciprocity is an issue, where that student would be paying more. Moreover, how in the hell does an illegal alien gain entrance into the school without comitting some sort of fraud, which is a crime that the government does punish, unless they've been lax on illegals comitting fraud, which is then advantageous, crime-wise, for illegals when compared to actual citizens.

Quote from Brad Sigal - "NAFTA caused the major influx of illegals from Mexico because it caused Mexicans from the countryside to be forced to the big cities or the U.S. to make a living."
Quote from Brad Sigal - "U.S. Gov. funding in the El Salvador war cause the influx of Salvadorian illegals."
Quote from Brad Sigal - "Because the U.S. intervened in Somalia we had the huge influx of Somalians that we did in the 90's"

On the subject of split up families (their own choice), where one person leaves to work in this country, illegally, and sends money back home to support the family there, Brad stated that they're striving to get those families back together, by bringing in that person's family who was in the country working, illegally. I thought of this as a "Get Foot in the Door" policy, and it's retarded. Just cause I get inside your home doesn't mean that I can stay or call my buddies up and have them all come over to crash too. That's against the law, but because the person's an ILLEGAL alien they should not be considered to have broken the law and have the government help their family get here too? Whatever.
Quote from Brad Sigal - "It is nearly impossible for a poor person from a 3rd world country, whether trying as a student, worker or tourist, to enter the US unless they claim political asylum. Well Brad, you know what? I don't see our homeless going to other countries either, it's how it goes when you're in that type of economic situation. So, what you're saying is that we should take care of other country's poor people while they're still living in their own country?

Free Trade vs. Permanent Resident Trade? Brad said that because we have a free trade policy that we should have the equivalent when it comes to illegals. Very bad analogy, cause while goods come into and leave the country for the betterment of both participating countries, the same cannot be said when it comes to people. Obviously, the illegals coming into the country are getting a better deal than the one they were getting in their own country, but you don't see people from our country skipping across the border to make permanent residence down there. It's a piss poor example trying to justify his views.

AFSCME is looking at putting together a board of people to work on immigrant's rights. Why in the hell am I paying union dues that goes towards that? This is political and not an option for people to volunteer money towards. I'm being forced to pay union dues that they're using for things I don't agree with. How is this different from the execs at Enron and the like that spent their employees money for things that they wanted? Those guys are being put away, why aren't the leaders of AFSCME?

It was either Brad or one of the other people in attendence that are regular AFSCME hard-workers that said that we should be supporting all this and doing what we can cause we're all "immigrants". Well then, shouldn't your bleeding heart be doing something about a little section of people known as the American Indian? And if that's truely how you feel shouldn't you be moving out of the country so that they can get their rights and freedoms back to the way they were before us "immigrants" came knocking at the doors of the Atlantic? Selective caring and contradictory values and support systems?

Phone-banking tonight.
Flyering tonight, Saturday and Sunday.
Flyers being created by Anthony's ex-co-worker. Curious if this is being done during worktime and if it's being done on UofM paper using UofM equipment.
These were his notes of the meeting and his commentary interspersed. I received from another person the actual flyers passed out at the meeting. I hope to have those uploaded Monday night (I know, that is late).

Why is a public employee union utilizing its name & resources for pro-illegal immigration rallies? How is this helping its membership? Truth is, it is not helping their membership but is purely political. My question is this: why are union dues paying for the paper, copier, printer, list serve, phones, etc that are being used for such non-union work?

********** UPDATE **********
I have received word that the paper, toner and copier were not the University's or through AFSCME's hard funds. The posting has been corrected to reflect that correction.

The question still remains why is a public employee union using ANY resources (including their name) in a pro-illegal alien rally? Its listserv, its mailing list, these things are an abuse of the union's reach. It would be the same as using the State of Minnesota's mailing list to send out advertisements for the radio show. It is improper and abusive.

Why is the public employee union using their resources for a non-labor rally? The organizing of protesters THROUGH a labor union is inappropriate...and warrants investigation by the state, in my opinion.


Blogger Jess said...

Hey dumbass, the flyers and phonebank were paid for and organized by community organizations, not the Union. Union members were invited to volunteer their non-work hours to help in the effort.

I won't even get started on what an ignorant bigot you are. I don't have that kinda time.

May 02, 2006  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

The very act of organizing THROUGH the public employee union IS an issue.

Let us talk about "what an ignorant bigot" I am. I think you will not discuss it because you do not have much of an argument on your side, honestly.

And what case are you going to make...that I, an American of Mexican heritage is bigotted against Mexicans? Go ahead. Or are you going to say that I'm biggoted against non-Americans. Damn right.

Concentrate on the larger question of this post: Why is a public employee union using its resources and organizing on an issue that is not germane to its function in any manner.

Did you use the listserve? Did you use server resources? Was the union's banner used? The list of these types of abuses goes on. Sure, I conced you may not have used the PAPER or COPIER, and you may have, both are realistic possibilities. But the very use of the union access is the beginnings of continued abuse.

And when you have the time to discuss issues (as oppossed to the name calling that seems to permeate your side of the issue) we can talk about your pro-illegal immigration positions, whether that is healthy for the country or not, why any group would advocate the subjecation of children in their political rallies, the advocating of withholding children from school...and on and on.

Let's talk issues...if you have the intellectual ability to do so. Judging from your comment already I have to say it would be a huge surprise that you CAN talk about an issue in a civil manner.

May 02, 2006  

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