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Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration and Illegals

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/01/2006

I have grown weary of the rhetoric by the pro-illegal alien crowd and want to take this moment to briefly explain why I have been saving my spending for today.

"We're all immigrants."
No. I'm not. I was born as a U.S. citizen. I was not a citizen of any other country, I did no move to this country and thus I am not an immigrant. I was not even a citizen under the questionable law that gives citizenship to children born here and their parents at the moment of birth if they were not already citizens. Both of my parents were also citizens of this country, born to parents that were citizens of this country. How about before them? I don't know...sadly our family tree has not been researched to that extent.

"Our economy needs immigrants."
This comment is inaccurate in its presumed conclusion. What these people are saying is (1) Our economy needs immigrants therefore (2) Illegal immigration is important to our economy. To be more accurate to what these people are saying the comment should be:

"Our economy needs illegal immigrants."
No, sorry. In fact the illegal immigrants are warping the free market value of jobs. This also address the "They take the jobs we don't want" argument. Look, if noone wants a job at a certain wage + certain benefits then the employer needs to pay more to attract the workers. Somehow I find it difficult to believe that no American would take landscaping jobs or roofing jobs. The reality is the illegal immigrants are pulling DOWN the average wages of various sectors. Yes, that means prices are lower, but this is not reflective of the true supply & demand that a free market needs. Additionally I have first hand witnessed the economic drain on the health care sector, the education sector and many other because of services rendered to illegals which were not paid for.

Our society also is harmed in other ways. My sister was hit by a drunk driver years ago. The person who hit her also fled the accident scene. They went to a nearby hospital, got treated and split. You can add up the estimated real costs: uninsured motorist causing an accident, emergency room costs, insurance payouts by my sister's insurance...you get the idea. When I lived in Los Angeles I saw this occur too often to dismiss the reality of the impact.

"This is a nation of immigrants."
Yep, it is. 100% of are descendents to some varying degree of people who moved to this land. Oh yes, the Native Americans too...I just find it hard to believe that all of sudden, "poof" people were on this continent. That life started in North America is something I believe is not proven. Therefore I feel safe in saying 100% of us in this land are from immigrants.

The key to this is that IMMIGRANTS are one thing. ILLEGAL immigrants are another. Illegal immigrants are already showing a disregard for laws, a disrespect for border and sovereignty and watch the video of the rallies today...they are showing no effort of connection to being an American. Yep, I'm willing to bet that most of the Illegal Aliens are not supportive of the idea of assimilation into AMERICAN society.

"Civil rights for all people" (Yes, this was on one of the flyer for today's rally.)
Interesting concept. In order for people to have civil rights they must be an American citizen. Yep, illegal immigrants should be given citizenship because we should protect the civil rights of all people. This is obviously absent of rational thought. Civil rights are not dependent on a person being an American citizen. Now think about the ramifications of this statement being true. We should protect everyone's civil rights, in order to do so we need to make them American citizens...where do we say, "No, the whole world's population cannot be an American citizen"? And aren't these the same people that say Bush is trying to colonize the world and this is such a horrible thing?

Now I have a question for the pro-illegal immigration people:
Can you name another country that has completely open borders the way you guys want ours to be?

Maybe more to come on this seemingly no-brainer issue.


Blogger TomC said...

Can anyone name another developed, first world country bordering a third world country. That, too, does not exist elsewhere.

This should provide additional justification for a significant fence on our southern border. Once the southern border is sufficiently secure, then other questions about the current illegal aliens may be determined.

May 01, 2006  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

A fence? Oh no, how dare we even consider a fence.

I agree, let's put up a big tall fence. And the deal will be that anyone who gets through the fence will be granted citizenship if they show us how they got through.

May 01, 2006  

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