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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Jason Lewis is returning

--posted by Tony Garcia on 5/24/2006

In case you have not heard the news:
Jason Lewis, the conservative's conservative who has wagged an untamed tongue at taxes and urban planning since 2003, is pulling the plug on his WBT-AM show.

Lewis, 50, is returning to Minneapolis with a five-year contract at a new talk radio station in the Twin Cities.

"It had nothing to do with me being unhappy here or WBT getting pressure," Lewis said Tuesday. He said he and his wife, who is from Minnesota, wanted to return to the North.

"It's a personal decision. WBT made a very generous offer. Everybody has home. It's time for me to go home and raise a family there."

Lewis' three-year contract with WBT (1110 AM) expires in October. WTLK-FM, owned by Clear Channel Radio, was launching a talk radio format and was interested in a local host who was knowledgeable about issues and known to Twin Cities listeners. Lewis fit the bill.

Lewis says he will keep doing his afternoon drive show on WBT until his contract expires or a replacement is named.
What I found the most interesting was the philosophy of WBT in replacing Lewis.
WBT does not have a new host in mind, but will probably select one with similar views and values, said Rick Jackson, general manager. "I think we'd be fools to move in another direction," he said.

Jackson said the station will be trying out other hosts on the air in coming months to see how they sound. He said he hoped to have a decision on a replacement before the end of the summer.
You think that maybe, just maybe, KSTP made a mistake in trying to change directions completely?


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