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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Distortion on stem cell bill...and a little help needed

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/19/2006

The news is that President Bush probably will veto the stem cell legislation coming to his desk.
President Bush readied the first veto of his presidency to stop legislation to ease limits on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. The veto is expected as soon as the measure reaches his desk. White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said that was expected to happen about midday Wednesday, and that Bush would veto the measure as promised.

While both the GOP-run House and Senate defied Bush in passing the measure to expand federally funded embryonic stem research, supporters do not appear to have the two-thirds vote margin needed to override such a veto.
Now the way I have heard it being discussed is basically "Bush continues ban on stem cell research". This is grossly misstating the issue. And rarely do I hear the misstatement corrected.

Stem cell research is not banned. Stem cell research will not be banned with this veto.

ONLY federal funding of stem cell research is restricted. That is all.

Private companies are still allowed to do the research themselves on their own dime.

Now, what do YOU think of stem cell research and why? I'm not certain. Granted, I have heard that no embroynic stem cell research has yeilded anything. But there must be some hope if people are given the option of saving their newbornd cord blood after birth.

Socially, what is the REAL danger in allowing embroyonic stem cell research? I have never understood the logic behind the objection.

The way I see it, stem-cell research should be allowed no matter what, so long as abortion is allowed. To me the logic of banning the research while abortion is legal makes as much sense as outlawing the use of cadavers if the person died of anything beyond natural causes.

But Bush is exactly right...I do not want federal money going to any of it. Even if I agree with that it should be legal I do not want it federally funded.

And THAT is what the bill is REALLY about.

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