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Friday, July 14, 2006

Whose side to take in WWIII

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/14/2006

How do you know which side to be on as (what I believe realistically could be) WWIII starts? Israel or the rest of the Middle East?

Just look at where France is and go the other way.
France condemned Israel's offensive in Lebanon on Friday as "completely disproportionate" and Beirut said it had been assured by President Bush he would press Israel to limit civilian casualties.
Think it is easy? Try again.
Chirac also condemned Hizbollah for attacking Israel and firing rockets into the Jewish state. "These people are totally irresponsible," he said.
Ah, Le French Resolve rises again.

Also piling onto the anti-Semite pile (sorry Catholics, that is how I see the piling onto Israel this time) is the Vatican.
The Vatican also deplored the strikes mounted in response to a raid by Hizbollah guerrillas who killed eight Israeli soldiers and captured two. Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, called them an extreme threat to peace in the region.
Believe it or not...Canada says this is self-defense for Israel.
But Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, speaking on Thursday night, described the campaign of bombing and rocket attacks on power stations, bridges, roads and militant bases as a measured response resting on the right of self-defense.
Canada...on our side? It is the end of the world.

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Blogger bobby_b said...

We should keep in mind - had it not been for Ed, Canada would right now be condemning Israel and sending its spare moose to Lebanon.

("Ho, Canada . . .")

July 15, 2006  

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