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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Effort on the Pity Train

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/13/2006

Following the Example
I have recently been diagnosed with a TFCC tear. This means that it can be very painful to type...sometimes downright difficult.

Additionally my doctor is investigating what seems to be a likely diagnosis of rhumatoid arthritis. This would help to explian a lot of issues in my joints...my hands and fingers especially.

Oh yeah, I have severly damaged knee ligaments in both knees. Stairs...suck. Sometimes even walking is a pain. Riding the bus...painful. Sitting in the movie theatre a complete nightmare...especially for longer movies or in colder theatres.

My aunt has breast cancer. My sister was a victim of a hit & run accident (by an illegal alien, no less) which has left her with severe mental and psychological problems.

I'm going to follow the Andy (Residual Forces) example...speaking ill about me is off-limits. Not about my ailments, but about me at all.

But I bet most of you are not going to (a) claim anyone speaking against me are practicing ill-taste, (b) disassociate yourself from those just for speaking about me, (c) not buying the idea that I am off limits.

The Hammer
Each of these and many more physical ailments are true in my case.

The point, however, is that simply because someone wears their personal problems on their sleeve should be afforded no more immunity than anyone else. Everyone has problems, issues and ailments. It might be a nice world where suffering an ailment means you get immunity from all criticism but that is not the reality...partially because suffering is a part of life and partially because some people will use that timeout for their own personal advantage (like maybe appendicitis).

So, get on your cross again Andy (it is almost midnight, so a new day means a new cross). Pander for sympathy again. Attack people with venom and vitriol while crying foul if the same is done to you (flip-flop?). But a bounce back to reality is long overdue for you.

And btw, like I said...if you want me to say this to your face you know exactly where to find me each and every Sunday. (Notice that I'm giving you 2 days notice to change your schedule not just 5 hours notice you tried to impose on me.)

********** UPDATE **********
You are exactly right...this was just plain mean. I am sorry for letting my emotions overwhelm my judgement. This post should have stayed in the "Draft" and never be published.

The point is still valid, the assessment is still valid (and I know people will deny that, but that is the fact, Jack). I believe every word I posted. I stand behind them. So I do not renounce or retract what this post says.

But the thoughts should have been thoughts shared with confidantes alone. The provocation that inflamed my response to hatefulness was his "asshat" posting and other falsehood comments throughout the day. My resulting loss of control and judgement is what I apologize for.

********** UPDATE **********
Welcome to the readers from Residual Forces...
Just one question for you: While you may not like WHAT is said or HOW it is said is it incorrect?

I did not think so, either.

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Blogger bobby_b said...

I don't know who you are, but you can't just come in here and hijack Tony's URL and set your own blog up in its place. He had a very nice MN politics blog going, and was keeping a lot of people interested in his own issues - which served HIS interests, and so was compatible with the reasons he's said he blogs - and it's unfair that you could do this. Did he just forget to pay his ISP host, and you jumped in and bought it out from under him? Not nice at all.

July 14, 2006  
Blogger Tony Garcia said...

Point taken and understood. You are absolutely right ("Not nice at all") and I have not excuse.

I had to get that off of my chest and am officially done with it.

July 14, 2006  

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