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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Updating the WW III sides

--posted by Tony Garcia on 7/20/2006

The running post showing which countries are on which side of the possible WW III needs to be updated.

It seems that Spain has chosen the dark side.
Israel's envoy to Spain said on Thursday the two countries' relations had been damaged after the Spanish prime minister accused Israel of using "abusive force" during an event at which he also wore a Palestinian scarf.

Spain's ability to use its influence to help defuse the growing Middle East conflict could suffer following the speech by Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to a meeting of young Socialists on Wednesday, Ambassador Victor Harel said.
Zapatero, who took power in a surprise election victory following Islamist train bombings in Madrid in 2004 and immediately pulled Spanish troops out of Iraq, had told the young Socialists: "No one should defend themselves with abusive force which does not protect innocent human beings."
Really, no surprise as Spain is being "led" by the party of cowards at the moment.

At least the Jewish community there is able to call a spade a spade.
During the question-and-answer session at the breakfast, Mauricio Hatchwell, a member of Spain's small Jewish community, accused Zapatero of being antisemitic.
And of course, heaven forbid one calls it like they see it when dealing with a sitting politician.
[Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel] Moratinos reacted sternly, saying one could be a loyal ally of Israel and still criticize it without being antisemitic. He addressed Hatchwell personally and told him not to repeat such criticism of the government.

"Let this be the last time you publicly denounce and condemn and express yourself saying a Spanish government is antisemitic," Moratinos said.

He said he was not worried by the diplomatic effect of photographs in Spanish newspapers on Thursday of a grinning Zapatero wearing a black-and-white Palestinian scarf passed to him by a student at Wednesday's meeting.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that part...the Spanish PM was wearing Palestinian garb. That speaks volumes.

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