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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cheep Political Stunt of the Day

--posted by Pete Arnold on 9/26/2006

By this point... I should not be surprised. But I still am. Democrats made a claim that the Republican National Convention website isn't safe saying:
"If Republicans can't even secure their own website, how can the American people trust them to offer a new direction that keeps our own country secure," McMahon charged in the Sept. 25 letter to McCullough. The DNC released the letter to the public this morning.
Oh my God, give me a frick'in break. Tony, can we have a category with a photo of a monkey throwing his own feces? I think this would be an appropriate story for such a category. And for the record... If the RNC came out with a letter about how "un-secure" they believe a system that they have absolutely no control over is, I would be equally upset at the stupidly of said comment.

Also lets look very closely at what McMahon said here:
trust them to offer a new direction
I have spent a long time in sales. This is the same tactic sales people use all the time. It's called "seed planting." The tactic involves planting seeds, not really bringing up the topic (new direction=Leave Iraq) for which you want to sell (election) early, that way it can fester grow into the dreams and aspirations of a Democratic majority in power.

This is one of many Extended Warranties I wouldn't push recommend for anyone.
So look carefuly at what people say... espically when they want something from you (wether it be your money, or political vote).

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