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Friday, September 22, 2006

The Weather Outside is Frightful

--posted by Pete Arnold on 9/22/2006

During this week of crappy weather here in the twin cities, it makes me think back to the last Twins game I went to (Twins vs. Tigers) at the dome. While Professional sports are cool, and bla bla bla… I, like many across this state, are not excited about having to pay taxes for a ‘company’ to build their building to make more money.

The last time I went to a game, the weather in the dome was perfect. In fact, judging by the barometer on my watch… it was still perfect weather inside the dome. Now, when I have to bring a blanket and an umbrella to a outside stadium… screw that.
If they are going to build a new stadium anyway, why not build one with a retractable roof or something. In this state, an outdoor stadium seams a little… dumb. Either way, I don't want to pay for a private organization to make money by forcing it out of the taxpayer's pockets.

Besides, what are they gunna call em instead of "Dome Dogs." I suggest "Topless Dogs." mmmm.... hot dogs...

BTW, folks... Better see your twins this year if you haven't already! This season is runn'in out!

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