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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Irish paper ticks off US golf team

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/19/2006

Hmm, Irish newspaper prints a story to drag some of the US Ryder Cup team's wives through the mud...and they get the picture wrong.
Tiger Woods has reacted with fury after a Dublin magazine printed topless photos of a woman which it wrongly claimed it was the superstar golfer's wife.

Woods and the United States team are said to be "appalled" by the article in the latest issue of the Dubliner, which portrays the players' wives and girlfriends as cheap on the eve of the Ryder Cup.

The photograph purporting to be of Woods's wife Elin Nordegren appears in the September issue of the listings magazine. Under the headline "Ryder Cup filth for Ireland" is a picture of a topless woman.
Oh, the stories the magazine tells.
"Most American golfers are married to women who cannot keep their clothes on in public. Is it too much to ask that they leave them at home for the Ryder Cup?

"Consider the evidence - Tiger Woods's wife Elin Nordegren - pictured left - can be found in a variety of sweaty poses on porn sites across the web..."


It goes on to claim that Chad Campbell's wife Amy is a " largechested singer" and suggests that Jim Furyk's wife Tabitha " married geeky Jim as his winnings hit £10 million". The piece also says Sonya Toms, wife of David, finds it "liberating" to wear her bikini around the house.
OK, one, this is tasteless. Yep, no doubt about that. Two, WHO CARES, really, about the spouses of the celebrities (in this case the wives of the golfers)?

Three, has it not been proven already that you do not want to piss of The Tiger?

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