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Friday, September 15, 2006

Hasbro's Monopoly Replaces the Racecar With TreeHuggermobile

--posted by Pete Arnold on 9/15/2006

I am a pretty big American car guy. Infact, I am a pretty big "buy anything American over its foreign version" kind of guy (the one exception I make is Apple. Although Apple is an American company, I believe that they share the same level of hell as Activists do).

The new version of Monopoly will feature a Toyota Prius instead of the Race Car.

Who the nutz is going to win a Monopoly race with a hybrid!? When I pull up to stop lights in my Trans Am next to a Prius, I always look them dead in the eye and revv my motor, but they never step! WTF.

The Toyota Prius, the Icon of the Liberal-Tree hugger movement, is a Hybrid car. What that means, for those who don't know, is it shares a Gasoline engine with that of an Electric motor, to help attain higher mileage... 55ish mpg. This sucker starts at $21,725. You could buy a Chevrolet Cobalt for 13,665 (that gets 35mpg). With a cost of fuel at $3.00, it would take you over a 94000 mile difference between the two cars to brake even. The average car is driven about 15,000 miles a year. Let’s say you drive your Prius 66% more because you get 66% more mileage. That’s a total of 24,900 miles your driving a year (a tough feet unless you work an "On The Road" job. if you drive for 8 hours a day, it would take you

After driving your car for 9.5 years (provided the Cobalt only drives 15k a year) you will now brake even. Congrats. You drive 55pmh (to get that mileage) and you spend 1.74 hours a business day driving. Oh, and the average American car is only owned for 3-5 years. Has anyone even seen their car reach 240,000 miles? not many can claim this feet. My dad's Dodge Neon (that’s right, Dodge Neon) is at 250,000 and still runs like a champ.

My whole thing here, people, is that you can't complain about jobs going over seas if you don't do everything you can to support American jobs. That includes buying American Cars, and supporting Products from an American company as often as you can. So, when you have a choice now of New, Tree Hugger Monopoly or Batman Monopoly, the choice is clear.

Pick up the Batman version, send Hasbro a letter of why you didn't buy the other one. Besides. If the two got into a fight, Batman would rape the Prius like he was a gorilla with a fist full of potatoes.

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Blogger Jay McHue said...

I want a 21st Century Monopoly game with a Hummer instead of the race car.

September 20, 2006  
Blogger Jay McHue said...

Your link to the story is bad, btw. Take off the slash at the end.

September 20, 2006  
Blogger Pete Arnold said...

thank you for that. all better.

I'd pay extra for a Hummer over a Prius, let alone a Racecar. don't they have a hummer version of Monopoly? envoronmentals are boycotting McDonalds for putting the Hummer into Happy Meals... EnvornMentals should also Boycott this product, due to the fact that the Prus costs more energy in its lifetime then a Tahoe anyway...

September 26, 2006  

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