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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Slamming their way back into 1st

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/19/2006

I'm going to watch the video archives of last night's Padres-Dodgers game. I just cannot believe what I am reading.

Bottom of the 9th, the Dodgers were down 9-5. Winning this game would give them the NL West lead again.

First batter up...Jeff Kent. Home Run on a 1-0 pitch. 9-6, but a long way to go.

Next batter...JD Drew. Home Run on a 2-1 pitch. 9-7, and the gap is narrowing.

Next batter...Russell Martin. Home Run on the first pitch from Trevor Hoffman. 9-8, and we have a game.

Next batter...Marlon Anderson. Home Run on the first pitch. 9-9...

Yep, back-to-back-to-back-to-back Home Runs. Only the 4th time in MLB history that has been done in a single inning. (Twins fans, you'll love this...) The last time a team hit four consecutive homers was on May 2, 1964, when the Minnesota Twins accomplished the feat against Kansas City in the 11th inning.

Then in the 10th the Dodgers came up trailing 10-9. Lead off hitter Kenny Lofton walked.

Next batter...Nomar Garciaparra. Home Run on a 3-1 pitch. 11-10...Dodgers win, Dodgers win...and they are again in 1st place.

What is incredible is Hoffman had not blown a save against the Dodgers since April 2001. He converted 55 of 57 saves in his career against the Dodgers and 24 straight.

What makes this MORE incredible is that Nomar's HR was the Dodgers 7th in the game. 7 HR by any team in a game is incredible, but consider that the Dodgers entered the game last in the NL in home runs. (They are 3rd in the NL in scoring, however.)

I'm not believing what I'm reading, so I will be watching the video archive tonight so see it.

********** UPDATE **********
Thinking ahead to the playoffs...
...what would be the best Divisional Round matchup for the Dodgers?
Their records this season against:
New York Mets... 3-4

St Louis Cardinals... 0-7

NL WILD CARD CONTENDERS within 5 games (in order of present Wild Card Standing)
San Diego Padres...5-13 (can't play in the Divisional, but maybe in the NLCS)
Philadelphia Phillies... 4-3
San Francisco Giants... 10-6 (can't play in the Divisional, but maybe in the NLCS...with 3 more games coming)
Florida Marlins... 5-1

********** UPDATE **********
Added some information that I picked up while listening to the TV archive. Gotta love Vin Scully!!

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