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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Antarctic Iceberg breaks, possibly not Global Warming?

--posted by Pete Arnold on 10/03/2006

News from this morning, An Antarctic iceberg broke in half, thanks to a storm some 8000+ Miles away.

Douglas MacAyeal (University of Chicago) said a coupe of things that don't seam like the quite match the rhetoric of the Church of Global Warming:
"One of the things we're debating in the world right now is whether global warming might increase the storminess in the oceans,"
Woha woha woha, hold up. "we're debating" ??? But I thought there wasn't a debate... That Global Warming is agreed upon by all scientists besides some Right Wing, Neo-Con, puppets of the Bush Corporate Agenda, scientific fringe? How interesting that he would word it that way.
"The question we then pose is: Could global storminess have an influence on the Antarctic ice sheet that had never been thought of?"
The answer I pose is YES. You guys can't even predict weather 10mn out in some cases. I don't trust the regional forecast out past 2 days... yet we should blindly trust you in predicting a global climate events through all the wether systems on the planet for hundreds of years in the future?
They did some calculations and saw the swell must have come from more than 8,000 miles or 13,500 km away.
"Our jaws dropped," MacAyeal said. "We looked in the Pacific Ocean and there, 13,500 kilometers away, six days earlier, was the winter season's first really big, nasty storm that developed and lasted for about a day and a half in the Gulf of Alaska."

Yes... the idea that something other then my Chevy Tahoe has something to do with the Earth's climate may be just as shocking.



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