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Monday, October 02, 2006

Got my ticket

--posted by Tony Garcia on 10/02/2006

Well, the Twins playoff series opens tomorrow afternoon against the Oakland Athletics. I will be there with KNSI Sports Director, Don Lyons. The credentials will be picked up today.

W00t. Playoff baseball...here I come.

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Blogger The Scribe said...

so your freeloading off the part-time gig. real sweet. Thanks for bragging about absolutely nothing.

October 03, 2006  
Blogger Tony said...

Interesting how you comment about something which you obviously do not have complete information. Typical from you and your group. My role within the organization that I got the pass from is much larger than your sources know about. So, part-time gig in that it is less than 30 hours a week, yes. But the weekly radio show is not all I do for that company...and I am on the payroll for other tasks beyond Race to the Right.

So the creds...more of gratitude for the ton of work I do off the clock for the parent company.

I keep getting disappointed by you & yours. I keep expecting you guys to have a clue; to have a small part of knowledge when you try to denigrate me all around your little circles. And I keep finding myself holding too high of a standard for your circle. Pity.

October 03, 2006  
Blogger The Scribe said...

what circle are you talking about? I guess you don't know who I am, do you? I'm the guy that has only had nice things to say about you and listened to your radio show and even enjoyed it a small bit.

I just thought I'd rip you for bragging about something that is not that big of a deal. Sorry, no hidden conext

Why don't you disclose what you were actually doing with a laptop in the postgame interview? If it was for parttime work for the network, then it's pretty unprofessional to brag about it on your blog.

Were you taping interview clips for the Lieghton network? Sweet! congrats! DO you realize it makes you look like a fool to share photos of your view from the pressbox on your blog if you were doing work.
If not, I apoligize. I just thought it was funny you had to publicize you scored "pressbox" seats. Did you sit next to Reusse. Did you get to see Hartman dictating notes to his typist?

And what the hell are you talking about "your sources" for?

If your talking about Shotgun, he didn't tell me anything about you going to the game. In fact, sadly, you are not even a small topic of conversations that me and my "sources" have. We could care less about what you do. I just happen to read your blog on occassion and I thought I'd call you out for looking ridiuculous. Call me a critic.

October 05, 2006  
Blogger Tony said...

Hank, I know who you are. And, maybe i will go a Long way to explain my last response, if you catch my drift.

While I do not have issue with you individually I do know about the dislike (to understate it) that the remainder of your circle of CR buddies have towards me.

1. The implication from the first comment that I picked up (and if it was not there then most of my response is moot...let me know) was the reference to my doing only the Sunday show. That is the lack of information I was referring to since I do much more than that.

2. The pictures...they are allowable. The back of the pass even indicates so...and everyone on around me was taking pictures. My posting them on the blog is a part of the dissemination of information that I was going to do. And for the record, I did not have the laptop for Game 1 (hence the posting being done after I got home). The pictures from the press box are actually for something else that I'm planning...provided there is a Game 5. There are other pictures that I took, cuz, hell, being in the labyrinth under the dome was a cool experience that I want pictures of...and see no reason to not share them.

3. The only thing that Marty and the rest of your circle would have "known" is the Sunday gig. Referring back to #1 above, and if it is correct then this also holds true. I figure that the only time my name may come up, if at all, in the little CaR group is out of malice. And everytime they open their mouths (or type on their keyboards) there is more fact missing from their words than is present. Marty has no idea of my roles within the station so I was not implying he said anything to you.

Basically, your entire response seems based on bad assumptions on your part.

Disclosure? Not that it is required or that you request warrants any fulfillment, but the insinuations and half-truths that are typical from your circle of friends is so constant that I better quell them as much as possible now.

The application was a result of several things. 1) Because of the level/type of membership I have to mlb.com I rec'd a press release with the instructions on how to apply for any of the playoff Series passes (ALDS, ALCS, NLDS, NLCS and WS). 2) In appreciation for the work done for a number of recent projects the sports director & I applied (and received) said passes. 3) There was and has been no obligation or expectation whatsoever to provide any "coverage". Part of my "media" role has been the radio show, its franchise and my blog. First of all, the next time I would be on air the series likely will be over. Secondly, my other duties have no method of reporting the game.

I'm just an average guy. The guys sitting around me in the press box were average guys who were there just for the experience...which was unbelievable. So much so that I wanted to show gratitude for this gift of gratitude...I wanted to make some use of the passes.

If you listen to, pay attention to and understand what I do on the show then you will know that I usually try to present the side of things that are being ignored or underreported. A different angle, as it were. That is what I decided to do with my pass.

So, why did I post stuff (and if there is a Game 5, continue to do so)? I felt it was unnecessary to provide actual "game coverage" because there were hundreds of other people there already doing that.

I wanted to share the experience. I have always liked the behind-the-scenes aspects of nearly everything. I know that other people like that to, otherwise they would not keep making those features for movies, Universal Studios pre-1990s would not have been so popular, etc.

That is what I wanted to capture over this week and into the weekend. The atmosphere from a perspective that only a small percentage of the population gets to witness; the benefits and drawbacks from a prism few get to hold.

The intent, for the most part, has been met with praise. I have had a number of people give suggestions through their questions about the experience...which means that for Game 5 I will likely be spending a lot of time taking a better "photo journal" of the experience.

As for Reusse, Hartman, etc...I was not looking at who was there, who was next to me, etc. Quite frankly I was not interested in dropping names...I personally do not feel that is really important to the experience. If you want to be next to someone well-known then go hang out at the Dome's exit...and besides, they are just people. So, the most I will do is say that to one of your questions...yes, and to one of them, no. There were a few other well known sports people there, but who cares about that? You can see them anytime...and in person is really no different than on TV. At least, that is my opinion on the "sitting next to" thing.

So, Mr Critic, for a moment take in the larger scope of things. Rather than reading in what is obviously a "opposition research" frame of mind, sit back and open the mind a bit more. Rather than (badly) assuming as much as you have and coming to conclusions that show you missed the point, try reading with patience. Do those things they should have taught you in school...ask what is the real point...the unstated point. You know, all those "inferential" comprehension skills...use them. I know it is not a Long stretch to say that YOU are capable of such higher intellectual tasks. (Most of your colleagues...they are not capable of such higher thinking.) I'm not a great writer so inferential skills are necessary to understand the larger picture...that may be why you can "read [this] blog on occassion" and those others fail to comprehend anything within it.

Or, if you choose to intellecutally slum with the rest of them then I suggest simply skipping this blog and the show. My shortcomings in writing and speech require higher intelligence for my audience.

October 05, 2006  

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