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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Skip the 6th

--posted by Tony Garcia on 9/27/2006

I have found very little reason to vote for anyone in the 6th. No, the more accurate statement is that I have no reason to vote for anyone in the 6th Congressional District race. I advocate to people that they skip the race (and seem to be making some significant progress).

Further evidence against Wetterling is being reported by King
there was a 6th CD debate downtown today. And sure enough there was supposed to be. But one candidate chose not to be there.

This is getting to be a habit. And it looks like Wetterling was not planning her daughter's wedding this time. She was getting endorsed by Wesley Clark.
I have been consistently saying that the disrespect shown by a candidate in accepting an appearance and then skipping, cancelling or missing it is evidence of a lack of character. The fact that people find it objectionable enough to criticize on one side of the aisle, but are willing to overlook it for their own is exactly the "Party Over Principles" mentality that is destroying confidence in our system and our public servants. Rewarding this behavior by supporting these candidates is simply letting the candidates know that the behavior is not objectionable.

I find the no-show sufficient to add to the growing list of reasons that Wetterling is not of high enough character to be elected to a public office. I guarantee this: The howling will be a one-sided selective-memory festival from the Right. However, they are ignoring (intentionally) the fact that their horse does the same thing.

Regardless, this missed debate is further proof that people in the 6th will be given a huge disservice regardless of who is (undeservedly) sent to Congress.

********** UPDATE **********
It seems that Wetterling's campaign never committed to the debate. So the question becomes this:
Is Wetterling covering her no-show tracks OR is Bachmann again creating character flaws of her opponent that equal her own? There is a track record of the latter already.

Now, the Right has been spending pixels bashing Eric Black. Yes, he is biased. Yes, he editorializes. No, he does report fiction. So when he says he talked to the debate organizers and he prints their conversation one has to gives some credence to the text.
Chamber Pres. Teresa Bonin: Sorry. Couldn’t take your calls. Middle of debate. What can I do for you?
Ink: Did Wetterling accept then cancel an hour before?
Bonin: Not exactly, but I really wish she had been here.
Ink: Yes, but had she ever promised or committed to be there.
Bonin: No, not really promised or committed. We’ve worked on it for four weeks. Wetterling didn’t say yes or no for three weeks. Then a week ago, scheduler called to say she probably couldn’t make it. So I asked them to reconsider. There’s been some back and forth since then. Not until this morning did I get a final answer that she wasn’t coming.
Hmm, Bachmann offering a bald-face lie about her opponent while ignoring that she is guilty of the same thing. Never would have seen that one coming.

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Blogger Robin said...

it doesn't look like she had ever said she was coming.


September 27, 2006  

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