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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Political Infestation

--posted by Pete Arnold on 10/04/2006

I frequent several forums for car related things, and while trying to get opinions on what kind of Dodge Neon I should have as a winter car, this conversation went south pretty fast. On Neons.org I was mentally assaulted by political topics despite my attempt to bring the posting back to the intended topic: Which car should I get.

Note that in most forums of any kind, you can find me by my alias: Zeeboid.

Now, don't get me wrong... Neons.org is an awesome resource if you own a Dodge Neon. I'm not negatively commenting on them in any way shape or form... And I wouldn't even bring this up, but some comments were made about this blog that I found offensive.

Now... at several moments, I asked that political discussions be held, oh... I don't know... On a political forum or something? I even politely gave a resource as to where to do so:

If you want to talk politics, I can start a new topic for that, or you can go to my(Tony's) blog. I would encourage people to attempt to challenge my logic: http://alwaysrightusuallycorrect.blogspot.com
This is the straw that broke the penguin’s back:
From the guy posting as "ben"

I read your little "white is right" blog. It's cute, looks like a bunch of Bill O' Riley wannabes. And honestly, I know I couldn't beat your logic, your head is too far up your own ass for me to even begin to try communicating with you.
The "White is Right" comment is funny yet offensive, considering that my ethnic background includes Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux and German Jew, and Tony is well... "of Mexican descent." And that Bill O'Riley thing... There is little about Bill O'Riley that can be respected. To quote Tony:
O'Reilley wannabes? I hate Bill. I respect his hardness with everyone, but I hate his pushing his own morality on people while saying others morality should not be pushed on people.
So, ben, if you would like to have a discussion about politics, I offer you a forum. But please do a background check before throwing out blanket comments... and if you can find a place where this "redskin" and "wetback" have posted some "White Power" nonsense, I would love to see it.

********** Update 10/4/06 11:57am **********
Ben's Reply:
Nothing worth defending, I don't feel the need to get in a ---- contest with somebody who has an obvious insecurity complex. Post what you want about me, I won't read it, or lose sleep over it. If it makes you feel better about yourself, I'm happy for you. White power.

Hmmm... There is that "White Power" thing again... I bet he didn't catch our ethnic backround. Oh well, at least he's happy that I'm happy.



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