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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Marty avoids the point and the facts

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/07/2006

I explained a few of the many objective reasons why Mary Kiffmeyer's incompetence should not be returned to office today.

Marty gives an effort of defending the highly incapable Kiffmeyer. He missed so much so badly that a re-direct to the facts are necessary.

Marty claims that Kiffmeyer is pro-business. Unfortunately the record has not shown that. Yes, she advocates cutting fees charged to business...by cutting her hours of operation when she doesn't get her way. Yes, she cuts the fees...after criticism for specific fees become loud. ANYONE has a fighting chance to do better. Marty's charge against Mark Ritchie is, well, not about Ritchie...which is typical when someone is defending piss-poor performance against solid criticism and a possibly better challenger.

Marty also gives the rationale that since Kiffmeyer is not a negative to voter turnout she should be returned. Well, mediocrity at best is not something to brag about. But the point of showing that Kiffmeyer had no impact on voter turnout is that her claims (both her in Marty's interview and in ads) are misleading at best, blatant lies at worst.

All in all, listening to his defense of Kiffmeyer is a classic example of Lewis' Law: Never underestimate a person's ability to rationalize anything. He provides nothing substantial in support, uses pre-judged generalizations in her defense. You cannot blame him...he is defending someone whose in-job performance is atrocious and her word is worth very little (vis a vis: failure to keep her appointments).

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