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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Religion on the sleeve of pols should be a flag

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/01/2006


I have often said that Bachman is the most dangerous candidate in Minnesota. Folks, we don't want people who believe they are ordained by God to make the laws. We don't want a fasting Michelle Bachman with her fingers on any buttons. It couldn't be clearer: The GOP is the party of Michele Bachmann and that's a dangerous thing for the nation and for Minnesota.

"we don't want people who believe they are ordained by God to make the laws."

I agree, but not out of anything against those religions. I agree because of those people I have run into. More often than not they are of the mentality that the Bible should be our law...in other words, our laws should be non-secular. And the kind of government that steps towards (theocracy) is, in my view, as oppressive of individual freedom as socialism or communism. Also, is in conflict with the founders intentions and words.

What makes it more scary is that in order to make laws that are based entirely (or predominately) on a religious doctrine means you must be of 1 of 2 mindsets. Either the Bible (or whatever doctrine is the source) is to be taken literally OR the Bible is to be taken literally in some spots and figuratively in others. The former...not a good world to live in. And there would be too many conflicts to enact that with any harmony. The latter is impossible to agree upon and would result in different religious factions fighting for not only their interpretations but in essence their religious beliefs in whole.

Either way...not a good place to be in.

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