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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

MN GOP abuses Free Speech Exemption

--posted by Tony Garcia on 11/07/2006

In June I called the MN GOP and asked to be removed from all mailing list and phone lists. I also asked to be removed from the state delegate list. The guy decided to lecture me about how "stupid" a person is to not be a part of one of the parties.

In late August I got about 2 calls per day from 3rd parties whose script said, "paid for by the Minnesota Republican Party". Each of those I requested to be removed from the call list. Obviously that never happened.

For the past month I have received over 30 calls from "the Minnesota Republican Party" and with each of them I requested to be removed from all calling lists. Over the past week the number of these calls has been a minimum of 3 per day (not including the 'blocked numbers' that disconnected when I answered). Each time the phone rep and their manager would say that they forward the request to the MN GOP ("the client") the next day.

Finally, last night I called the MN GOP and asked why they are ignoring the requests. I spoke with Barbara (Office Executive) who said that the MN GOP has no legal department and that NONE of the "remove" requests are processed until "after the election cycle". I requested to be removed in June, August, September, October and November.

None of those requests were followed through on. If this were a business they would have been subject to penalties and fines. Instead the MN GOP intentionally disregards these requests, hiding behind "Freedom of Speech exemptions" which Barbara said allows them to (a) ignore these requests to be removed from calling lists and (b) disregard the 30 day requirement in which a request must be followed.

Disgusting abuse of "Freedom of Speech".



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