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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

You Voted For This...

--posted by Pete Arnold on 1/02/2007

From the same people who brought you zingers like: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" and " I support the military" comes a new year for lies... This time, the lie is:

We will restore civility to our debate. As Speaker it will be my solemn duty to serve not just one party, but the whole House of Representatives. To that end, we will restore bipartisanship to the administration of the House, re-establish regular order for considering legislation, and ensure the rights of the minority – whichever party is in the minority. The voice of every American has a right to be heard, and that is what the American people expect and deserve. - Nancy Pelosi
This quote is directly from Nancy Pelosi's House Democratic Leader website, and it hasn't even been 2007 for 9 hours (where I live) before this is already shown to be a lie. To quote the Washington Post:

House Democrats intend to pass a raft of popular measures as part of their well-publicized plan for the first 100 hours. They include tightening ethics rules for lawmakers, raising the minimum wage, allowing more research on stem cells and cutting interest rates on student loans.

But instead of allowing Republicans to fully participate in deliberations, as promised after the Democratic victory in the Nov. 7 midterm elections, Democrats now say they will use House rules to prevent the opposition from offering alternative measures, assuring speedy passage of the bills and allowing their party to trumpet early victories.

Folks. I wish I could say I was completely by-partisan... well, not realy. In fact, I believe that most things that is done by the political left is just plain... Stupid. However, I know that without a right wing, and a left wing, our little air plane isn't gunna fly. We need freaks like Nancy Pelosi to use as examples of what liars you don't want your kids to grow up as. And No, I don't agree with President Bush on everything. But the best chance the democrats can use to claim he "lied" (WMDs) was him making a decision based on the intelligence from our own military, as well as the intelligence from MANY other countries and IRAQ Admitting to having WMDs.

Democrats and republicans both lie... they are people. You can find examples from both sides. But I don't know how people can keep voting for the dems. I expected such a move from them... for years they were the minority, and now that they are the majority, they say "now is the time for bipartinship." That line was BS to start with... but that’s how they work. as long as they are in control, its okay to be bipartisan. This is the same group that chastized Nixon but defended Clinton. The same group that believes that the 2000 and 2004 elections were rigged because they didn't win, and the same group that tries to sue-sue-sue when they don't get the election results they want. Amazing, the apparent "lack" of voter fraud in 06 as apposed to 2000 and 2004, isn't it?

But Nancy and her party shows their stripes, taking away the promise of working with "both sides" in a "restored sence of bipartisanship."

House Republicans have begun to complain that Democrats are backing away from their promise to work cooperatively. They are working on their own strategy for the first 100 hours, and part of it is built on the idea that they might be able to break the Democrats' slender majority by wooing away some conservative Democrats.

Which they should have seen a mile away.
But because the details of the Democratic proposals have not been released, some language could be new. Daly said Democrats are still committed to sharing power with the minority down the line. "The test is not the first 100 hours," he said. "The test is the first six months or the first year. We will do what we promised to do."
Yea Right.

********** Update 1/3/07 11:00am **********
Checking on MSNBC's website fore news, something I do often to anger myself, as they do not tend to be... um... "Fair and balanced." I came across this story:

Bush calls on Democrats to work with him.

Now, I have been quoted as pointing out the extension of the olive branch to 'work together':

1/20/06 - "Consider the partisan olive branch extended."

10/19/05 - "Extend the olive branch, only for a dem to hit you with it sort'a thing."

2/3/05 - "this is so aggravating. why can't the democrats just WORK with the republicans? why do they have to be babies about everything!? You don't have to answer this if it pisses you off. I wanted to draw it to everyone's attention that I think it is another pathetic display on how the republicans have that olive branch extended, but the democrats just can't stop hitting them with it."

2/1/05 - "Bush extended the olive branch, the left is beating him with it while hugging the tree."

However, looking at the rating for this story (of which MSNBC's ratings seam to track the leftist opinion of the stories, don't believe me? Try looking under the environMental section for starters) it would seam there are those who don't want the olive branch to be taken. I expressed my doubt that the democrats would hold to their promise of 'working together' yesterday... and the more I look into it, the more it seams Dems don't want to. Mark my words:
1/3/07 - "The only use a democrat has for the olive branch republicans hold out will only be to give them a concussion"

"To You, for the new year, are offered 1(one) Wheet Thin as a peace offering. Lets make this year a good one... Together. Please don't hurt me." - George W Bush Action Figure

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Blogger Jason said...

"The first 100 hours" will eventually become "the first 100 days." The Pelosi-led Democrats have no intention of being bi-partisan unless it means that the Republicans agree with everything they do.

Fortunately, they don't have enough of a majority to overturn the forthcoming presidential vetoes, so the damage over the next two years will be minimal.

January 05, 2007  
Blogger Rick Blank said...

I'm not sure why you're getting so worked up. We all know that every politician speaks out of both sides of his or her mouth. They make promises in order to get elected, get ahead or to placate the masses just enough so we will remember that the most important elections are the ones coming up where every horid shower-singer has dreams of, if not super stardom, at least getting snidely whiplashed by Simon Cowell.

As for the lies of the President, I'm sure that if you scratched a little deeper you would find dozens that are of the same caliber of the House Dems. One, most recent, being his promise to take the Baker report seriously. But, not long after having had someone read it to him, Bush swept it under the rug and all but dismissed the reccomendations. And one, most distant, when, on the campaign trail in 2000, he stated that he firmly believed that U.S. troops should not be used for nation building. Wasn't too long after that when we began our little Iraqi endeavor, toppling a legally elected leader of another state. (Settle down, I only said he was legally elected, not that he deserved to be there. The man was a horrible human being and should have been driven out years ago - preferably by his own people but action by some other outside force would have been acceptible.)

Remember, we don't want congress to get too much done. We want squabbling and bickering and name calling - hell, I wish ours was as fun to watch as the Brit's and their side show that is the House of Commons. Those bastards are FUNNY!

Also remember, pro is the opposite of con. That means congress is the opposite of progress. And that's a good thing.

January 06, 2007  
Blogger ThePete said...


Is it possible to take someone's suggestions seriously (Baker report) and not act on them?

I suggested to Coleen Rowley's campaign manager that they answer the questions I ask of them, and he did say he was 'taking my suggestions seriously" yet did not act on them. (he later did brandish some immature comments, but you get the idea)

I submit that it is indeed possible to take something seriously (democrats wish to leave Iraq). You sit down, go over the consequences of the action... then know, that its a bad idea.

January 07, 2007  
Blogger gbradley said...

I always hear how Bush illegally took Saddam from power followed by some qualifier like "Oh Saddam Hussein was a bad guy and it's good that he's not in power"
You can't have it both ways.
Either it is good that we went in and forcibly removed him from power or it wasn't.
I personally think that he was evil, not as Evil as Hitler, but evil nonetheless.
I know that many right wingers hated Bill Clinton. I personally couldn't care less whether he did or didn't get one from Monica.
The left seem to have an even greater hatred of Bush.
I am embarrassed that the people from the great State of California Elected Pelossi (I guess it was just the kooks in San Francisco)

Ted Kennedy's comments are clearly nothing more than Bush bashing.
He says that Iraq is George Bush's Viet nam.

The Dems want to leash Bush around by withholding funding. that is wrong.

January 09, 2007  
Blogger ThePete said...

gbradley said...

I hear ya on the whole Clinton thing. It was the fact that he lied about it, to the American people as well as a Federal Grand Jury (thus actually breaking the law) thing that I can't just let go.

I am not one to judge what someone does behind closed doors. God knows how much time I spend massaging my Trans Am with a diaper. That has gatta be immoral somehow...

January 09, 2007  

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