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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lies from CR Vets for 'truth'

--posted by Tony Garcia on 3/19/2005

CR Vets for truth is a pro-Hoplin blog that disguises itself as having "no hidden personal vendetta" while each post is laced with venom against anyone who opposes Hoplin or Hoplin appointees. (I say appointees because as we know in Minnesota Hoplin began a MN CR tradition of wrigging elections to ensure the results favorable to Hoplin-ites.)

For having no "personal vendetta" they to alot to shield themselves from direct public criticism while attacking anonymity. There is no method to post public comments...do they fear criticism of their "facts" from being shown? Their profiles are blank. They are Brian Mazanec, a male from Virginia (and he does give a description of himself in his first blog post...true or not one never knows); Bryan Shuy who is virtually anonymous; and Mike Herbert who is a male and has a picture (real or not one never knows).

They hide behind anonymity while attacking others for anonymity (though they never direct anyone to the offending sites...an indication that the offenders are fabricated). "It's utterly disgusting how people have been using the anonymity afforded by the internet..."

I know they are not talking about me, but in case they are they are dumber than I thought. A little research from my blog would give them information about me. Here is a little help, you Eric-Hoplin-reach-arounds.

Anyway, I digress. They claim that anonymity while criticizing the crook known as Eric Hoplin or any of his toadies is not necessary because, "There's no way anyone should be afraid of "retribution" for anything they write." Actually, Hoplin has created a legacy in MN CR of retribution for speaking out for morality when that opposes Hoplin's wishes.

Since Hoplin is looking to be the Deputy Chair of the MN GOP the fight to defeat him must be strong. We in MN pride ourselves on trying to have morals as a guiding principle and Hoplin-ites are of the Clinton-esque style of politics. The only thing that matters to them is (1) What can I gain, (2) Ends justify the means and (3) What can I gain.

The fact that you put "vets" in your name to imply that you are veterans (which implies military service) is disgusting.


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